Neri il puledro coraggioso / Neri, a brave colt.

in July 2019 we sighted on Monte Maggiore a colt with a bad fracture in his right foreleg Attempts were made to catch him, but without success. Then Neri disappeared Since he was not found again during our routine monitoring, we thought he had been killed by a predator But suddenly, on the first of December 2019, a group of hunters in the Case le Cave locality at Sofignano, near Vaiano, reported having seen a colt, half-starved and wounded in one leg. Rushing to see for ourselves, we were amazed to find that this was the same colt all alone except for a stallion, his friend, who had never left his side the colt looked very thin and moved with great difficulty we decided we were going to try catching him After a long afternoon’s work where our team collaborated with the Civil Defence, the Provincial Police the Town of Vaiano and some volunteers the colt was safely captured subjected to X-ray examination and first-aid procedures Examination has shown that the fracture can still be healed, although the case is a difficult one At present, the colt is being kept under shelter and we are working to strengthen him for the operation he is gaining weight too slowly and we have already started treatment for ulcer, along with a special diet we need help to buy medicines, bandages and hay and to to face the biggest cost of all, the future operation and post-operative rehabilitation We called him Neri And even though he had never been in contact with humans before It’s impressive how this brave foal trusts us and lets us take care of him

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