Newly diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes | Emma’s story | Diabetes UK

It’s not gonna be easy when
you’re first diagnosed, not at all Cos you’re all over the place,
it’s just something that’s completely changed your life. Just take every day by
every day. Just one step at a time. Don’t try and bombard yourself with too
much information because you will get really overwhelmed, because it’s a
massive massive change. Keep Calm keep cool about it and just try your best to
get things leveled out. I was like the blind leading the blind and I just
literally went into it with no idea what was going on, why it was happening to me,
what did I have to do, would I have this forever? Keeping people around you who
were supportive as well. My boyfriend Bobby is the most supportive individual
that I could ever wish to have as a partner he’s incredible. Anything I’d
ever need. If I was having a hypo, he’s always like do you want me to grab you anything?
are you okay? He’ll throw me a carton of juice and be like “drink this”. But,
he knows and he can see in me as well if I’m not right. He knows if my blood
sugar’s low because he can see it in my face and behind my eyes and he’s always
like “are you low?” And then sometimes I’m not and I’m like “No I’m fine!” It’s just so
important to get out there meet people, socialise, help each other, help each
other to grow and manage, and just to live your best life. Something that I
think every diabetic needs to do is to meet other diabetics

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