Only 1 Drink To Cure Diabetes In 5 Days | Say Goodbye to Diabetes in 5 days

This simple drink can cure diabetes in
just five days diabetes is a lifetime disease that
requires dieting exercises and medication while there is no cure for
diabetes you can control the sugar levels naturally try these remedies and
effectively control your blood sugar levels make sure you are trying home
remedies in addition to your regular diabetes treatment diabetes causes types
and symptoms if you are there is nothing to worry too much about there are many
ways to control diabetes naturally this way simply incredible numerous
ingredients bananas apples and Kiwis finally a handful of basil seeds method
of preparation bananas an average sized banana contains around 27 to 30 grams of
carbohydrates more than half of these carbohydrates are made up of sugars the
larger banana the higher the sugar content is that said bananas also
contain important nutrients such as vitamin b6 vitamin C manganese and
potassium apples they also contain a good amount of fiber which is an
important part of a healthy diet one small 6 ounce Apple contains the
following 80 calories 21 grams of carbohydrates
4 grams of fiber 0 grams of protein 0 grams of fat 2 milligrams of sodium
164 milligrams of potassium in addition apples contain vitamin C and a number of
phytonutrients including quercetin camp referral Murray sittin and chlorogenic
acid anthocyanins are what gives apples their
red color don’t worry if the names are unfamiliar what’s important to know is
that these natural substances provide a number of health benefits Kiwis
fruits alike the kiwi fruit contain simple sugars known as fructose fructose
is similar to refined sugar as it can be digested by the body easily it enters
our bloodstream quickly but unlike refined sugars found in chocolate and
surahs’ fructose is slow releasing and for diabetics this is very important
slow releasing means your body cannot use fructose in its personal form it has
to be converted into glucose this conversion process slows down the
release of these sugars into yourself and body’s metabolism in this way your
blood sugar levels do not spike up down as they would by eating foods containing
refined sugars another kiwifruit benefit for diabetes is the carbohydrate called
inositol which is well known to help regulate insulin levels bustled seeds
holy basil may also help to lower fasting and post middle blood glucose
levels holy basil was found to reduce fasting blood glucose levels by
approximately seventeen point six percent and post meal blood glucose
levels by seven point three percent more research needs to be done to confirm
whether or not holy basil can effectively lower blood glucose levels
soak some basil seeds in water before 30 minutes put all the ingredients in a
bowl and pour half a liter of water over them use drink half a liter of this
delicious juice in the morning and consume the rest throughout the entire
day by taking this juice regularly you can reduce your high blood sugar levels
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21 thoughts on “Only 1 Drink To Cure Diabetes In 5 Days | Say Goodbye to Diabetes in 5 days”

  1. Dear,
    Sugar in your blood is NOT a disease.
    Glucose in your blood is a natural mechanism of your body because your body needs glucose in the blood to function. It is a natural phenomena of the body but doctors under the influence of the drug companies are telling you to take drugs to lower your blood sugar when in actual fact you do not need to do so because glucose in your blood is required for physical and brain function.
    Throw away your blood sugar monitor because blood sugar is in a constant state of fluctuation according to your diet, exercise, stress levels, genetics, age, etc.
    What is most important is to focus on your SUBJECTIVE symptoms not OBJECTIVE symptoms of your blood sugar parameters.
    Subjective symptoms like pain, sleep, energy levels, digestion, elimination, etc.
    You MUST take herbs to strengthen your Liver and Kidneys to preserve your eyesight, nerves and to avoid so called complications of Diabetes like Kidney damage and so on.
    [email protected]

  2. Hi I want to know that fruit mixture blend into the mixture or eating like pieces which shows in video please?

  3. this is not blend how can it is juice please clear it
    you said drink this juice
    but time is not mentioned morning or night or evening when before meal after meal please clear it.

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