Only 2 Ingredients Say Goodbye to Diabetes Forever

only two ingredients and you can say
goodbye to diabetes forever diabetes is a common health condition that appears
when the body is no longer capable of making the needed amount of insulin or
cannot use it in an efficient way pancreas is the organ that produces the
hormone insulin which enables the glucose takes from the food to go to the
cells in the body and there it is transformed into energy used by
different tissues and organs in order to perform their job diabetes can be very
dangerous disease and can Lito has the damage and leather complications but on
the other hand people who are diagnosed with diabetes can also live their life
without any complications and the reasons for this or good treatments that
can improve our life but not everyone can offer good medical treatments and
for some of them it is quite irritating to have to inject insulin every single
day here we will present to you natural ways for treating diabetes and you will
discover the most efficient 100% natural safe and cheap treatment for diabetes
you will only need two basic ingredients that you can find in your kitchen this
is the recipe for this amazing syrup for treating diabetes ingredients we need 6
lemons and 300 grams of celery preparation first wash the celery nicely
and grated and put it in a pot squeeze the lemons inside the pot and cover it
and place it inside a bigger pot filled with water put the pot on heat until the
water in the bigger part starts to boil when it starts to boil lower the heat
and leave it to simmer for about 2 arts take the parts from the heat and
let them cool totally before you open them then store the mixture awhile and
place it in the fridge consummation it is recommended to consume one tablespoon
of this remedy every day about 30 minutes before having breakfast the
prepare mixture will be enough to consume for two months about the time
when the blood sugar levels will begin to normalize this remedy is a balm for
diabetes diabetes is a chronic condition characterized by high levels of sugars
in the blood that this is occurs due to reduced production of the pancreatic
hormone insulin or due to reduced sensitivity of muscle liver and fat
cells to the hormone common symptoms include blood division frequent
urination fatrick weight loss and thirst we start
eating foods high in negative cholesterol or saturated fats even
though we can absorb a little nutrients we will fill our body with fats and
problems that can even be fatal in some way a clear example of this is blood
pressure when we consume too much fats they clog the blood and cause serious
health problems but do not worry that with this natural remedy you will finish
fat and cholesterol naturally the remedy that ends with cholesterol diabetes and
fat recipe ingredients we need for organic lemons one ginger root 3 to 4
centimeters or 2 tablespoons grated ginger for heads of garlic and 2 liters
of water method of preparation you should wash the lemons well
and proceeded to cut them into small pieces you should also peel all cloves of
garlic put the lemon garlic and ginger into a blender proceed to mix it until a
good texture is achieved proceed to place the mixture in a pot add the water
to the pot and still while boiling when boiling turn off the heat and wait for
it to cool completely this mixture should be glued and placed
in a glass bottle preferably how to use you should drink a
glass of this mixture 2 hours before each meal preferably on an empty stomach
this should be done for three weeks in a row without interruption then rest from
the treatment for a week and proceed to do it again because each part of this
remedy is natural and has distinct benefits there is no need for you to
take anything extra to enhance its use the week of rest is to give the body
time to absorb all the nutrients without problems and so do not waste your remedy or the ingredients in a way that will not help you Thank you for watching this video like and subscribe for more videos

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  1. Accent is not nice to here ! বিরক্তিকর ! Eighter American,British nor Indian !
    Easy & regular own accent is perfect !

    Sorry dont mind please !

  2. Natural foods vegies etc are generally healthy but the benefits mentioned have no grounds but good to keep you busy if you have nothing better to do

  3. What a misleading title of the video. I don"t t know who are these people posting such bluff. No responsibility. They write anything they want.

  4. I don’t know why people are being rude in their comments. If you don’t want to try don’t do it but stop criticising. Whoever has made this video is only trying to help people.. I do not have diabetes but watched it for my sister. Please never be critical. Have some manners.

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  6. Prove it by science. Does this have ,mineral chromium and vanadium in it. do not mislead people and mock about patients. If you or any body has remedy for diabetes and they have cured people then post it otherwise shove it in …..

  7. Lets get a terrific Narrator for this very important information. Great idea! Say we use a woman from India who can barely be understood.

  8. I had to quit my job because of diabetes some mornings I could not get up now I have problem with my foot its sore middle of the night I don't have much quality of sleep

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  12. I cured my diabetes with some of these ingredients and lost weight. Took not one drop of medicine. Don’t believe people who say it can’t be done. They only believe what the docs tell them. Docs are fine but they’re not going to tell you that the food you eat has everything to heal you, or give you diabetes. It’s your choice…Of course, type 1 diabetes is a different case.

  13. Prediabetes is a condition, where blood sugar levels are above the normal range, but not high enough to be considered as diabetes. People with prediabetes are at a higher risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. I recently read about "Home Remedies for Diabetes" at zovon. Thus, It is very important to follow a balanced diet.

  14. hi everybody if you have diabetes you can cure it with a whole foods plant based diet
    consisting of fruits and vegetables and nut and seeds and herbs and have to start keeping three things out of the diet meat eggs and dairy which are full of fat that raise the blood sugar levels because they are high in cholesterol and fat and lead to many diseases. people who eat this way start seeing results immediately in the way that they feel and look they lose weight they cure diabetes and high blood pressure and so many other types of diseases

  15. i believe in the herbs natural healthy herbs full of life and full of nutrients
    there are herbs that cure type 2 diabetes
    1. billberry
    2. prodigiosa
    3. Gymnema sylvestre
    4. Rosemary
    there are so many others im sure just have to check google

  16. Dear friends, I tried the remedy to reduce the cholesterol. I boiled the ingreadians 1st (ginger, Lemmon, garlic, cinnamon stick) then blend it. Kept in the fridge. Drank 1/2 cup in an empty stomach with few drops of honey for 2 weeks. I was shocked when my Dr. Said that I dropped 30 points of my bad chelestrole from last blood work. It worked for me. I am planning to drink this again in couple of months.

  17. Very nice video good for health & nice informative video very simple for preparation your voice is also very nice God bless you

  18. This recipe I lose my weight with in 28 days by taken this engrediens..garlic union and ginger,,,and lemon…I cooked this engredient and blend

  19. Very useful…as my experience I lose more weight..imagine.?I have 70 kilos before ,..and aftter one month and half..ihave 64 kilos now?..thanks to this recipe…now I continue drinking this recipe.without diet….I ate regularly…

  20. I boiled the garlic ..all engredients I boiled.but thanks to.this recipe remedies I lose more weight..wthout dieting…I ate regularly..what I wanted to eat

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  22. Okay… I have type one diabetes and this is not going to help you at all littrealy without insulin you would die in about 7-10 days and it would be painful. Shut videos like these should not exist because kids who may have the disease would easily fall for this and have to be told no their is not cure yet… like I may only be 15 but I have been diabetic for 12 years don't you think their would be a cure already and we wouldn't have to worry about diabetes since this "cures diabetes" 🙄🙄 ya'll are fucking dumb if you believe this shit

  23. Do you have to blend the celery before? You say grate but the celery look chopped. I’m confused pls help. Thank you.

  24. Has anyone tried this remedy? The author doesn't know the difference between Lemon and Line? She is using lime not lemon in the first video??

  25. Ritengo che la maggior parte dei disturbi cronici derivino da una diminuzione del metabolismo. Vi suggerisco di cercare Nodibet su Youtube

  26. Just 1 ingredient : sugar.
    You will no longer have diabetes if you eat a lot of sugar!! It works!
    How u ask? Because u die so the diabetes dies too! Genius move!
    Do it now! Oh yeah!

  27. Hmmmm, sounds very promising. I'm a type 2 diabetic and if I'm gonna try this remedy, do I have to stop all my medication even insulin?

  28. Can you plz tell me the ingredients, lemon and whats the second green one. Whats the second one. Tell me the name.

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