Osteopenia and Osteoporosis Treatment with PEMFs (Electromagnetic Stimulation)

discussing osteopenia and osteoporosis
today these two conditions are very common and women entering menopause and
after menopause they actually begin in a woman’s 40s hormones are declining in
perimenopause and menopause due to declines in estrogen progesterone and
testosterone all of these are responsible for maintaining bone density
osteoclasts are the bone breaking molecules and osteoblasts are the bone
building molecules so they have to be in balance hormones maintain the production
and development of osteoblasts and when that begins to shift their the
osteoclasts take over and break down bone this involves all the bones in the
body that means that bone density decreases with age so and it’s a it
happens all the time is continuous the risk in developing honest opinion
osteoporosis is that you will develop fractures and that we definitely want to
avoid that because fractures can become very disabling now medications are used
for this by many doctors but what happens unfortunately is that these
medications cause lots of problems on their own including messing with the
immune system pulsed electromagnetic fields actually
do a much better job of building bone and they actually support the bone in
ways that hormones do and you need at least thirty Gauss to do this job and
preferably a whole body system because it involves the entire skeleton
treatment should be everyday at least half an hour to an hour every single day
usually for the rest of a woman’s life to maintain the bone density but you
also need bone building tools these bone building tools include calcium vitamin D
and so on I have a list of these in a report a free report that’s available to
you by contacting dr. Pawluk dot com info
at dr. Pawluk do com or calling us all the

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