PEMFs and Joint Replacements (Are PEMFs Safe?)

this is dr. William Pawluk this video
is for those people considering a joint replacement especially of the knees or
the hips the most concerning issue is the lifespan of a joint replacement
specifically loosening hip replacements fail in about 25% of cases after 10
years bone loss is seen in up to 14% during the first 3 months after a total
hip replacement loosening often starts as early as 12 months after a joint
replacement loosening is caused by inflammation in the bone
after all the prosthetic is a foreign material and the body reacts to it
loosening eventually leads to revision surgery revisions have poor outcomes
than initial joint replacements since pmf therapy improves bone mass decreases
inflammation stimulates circulation and repair it is an important tool in joint
replacements there are numerous studies using medium to high intensity pemfs show
that they make a big difference in outcomes and suffering pmf therapy
before surgery prepares the bone for the surgery 175 year old woman who used PEMFs
before and after her hip replacement only needed two doses of
pain medication after the surgery and only needed a cane for two days
also treatment after the surgery helps with recovery in one study bone density
scanning after surgery showed between 66 and 93 percent improvement in bone
density in those who had pemf’s compared to normal pemf’s helped integrate most
implanted materials with bone this is called osteointegration having a joint
replacement is a major decision and major surgery pmf’s improved recovery
and helped keep the bones healthy afterwards I strongly recommend a more
proactive approach to be sure to be sure the surgery is worth the pain and the
suffering and to avoid the even worst pain and worst suffering with a joint
revision thank you

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