Poongodi Chandrasekaran, M.D.-North Shore Phyisicans Group

I did my medical school in India I am moved here to the united states to do
my residency I did my residency at North Shore Medical
Center here in Salem Mass I wanted to be a
primary care physician as I’m really impressed with the long
lasting relationship which you can develop with your patients
and you can practice more preventative aspect of medicine I like to
be a part of this group as we have excellent resources around and electronic medical records, and the one
which I love is the station gateway and online communication system which
enables us to communicate with a patient easy and quick I really love to be a
part of north shores family because I did my residency here
in the north shore community so in that way i developed more attachment and affection with our community once we help the patients the most rewarding
thing is as soon as we see the smile on their
face that makes me feel happy that I did something for them *music*

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