Ramona’s Swim22 Story | Diabetes and health | Diabetes UK

You’re always in front of a computer
screen, you’re always on your mobile. You don’t switch off, you work around the
clock and for me just to free myself from that and just have time out at the
pool and not think about anything but me and
the water. I’ve always loved swimming, you know, grew
up on the beach, swam in the oceans, took swimming lessons with my best friend
Stacy when I was probably seven years old. Some of my most precious childhood
memories just swimming with my dad and that’s how it all started for me. I was
actually diagnosed in March of 2009 and that’s when I immediately took ownership
of my health. I managed to lose seven and a half stone by eating the right foods,
educating myself and becoming active. The actual physical exercise, you know, makes
me feel better, it releases endorphins and I just have a sense of renewal.
it’s just something really special, really sacred, about that time with the water.

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