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Hi and welcome to our channel kidney expert where you will get all the information related to kidney and kidney related disorders I’m vishakha. And today this video we will tell you how red grapes are quite beneficial for your health when your kidney is deceased Before we start please subscribe to our channal kidney expert so that you don’t miss any updates on applications from our Channel Kidney disease patients are not allowed to eat or add all fruits in their renal diet chart It is quite important to analyze the constituents and properties of fruit to know if fruits are a good option for you or not If you do not make a good healthy choice, you may fall into severe complications The patients are suggested to eat fruits that contain less sodium potassium and phosphorus content You can eat foods that are high in their nutritional value and also have antioxidant properties Red grapes provide a ton of nutrition. They are rich source of vitamin C and antioxidants they carry flavonoids which help reduce inflammation They help in regulating blood circulation and reduce hypertension or high blood pressure high blood pressure is one of the major reasons for kidney disease Vitamins present in these grapes also boost your immunity and stimulate your organs red grapes are profitable to produce Hearty people and beverages as well these disorders or ailments are birth giving causes of kidney problems How diseases can affect your blood pressure adversely and can affect your kidneys whereas diabetes is the one major reason for kidney disease Red craves a profitable for patients with diabetes and heart problems and can profit your kidneys, too according to a study a cup of that waste contains 3 mg of sodium 30 mg of phosphorus and about 250 milligram of potassium even though they carry a good amount of potassium their Antioxidant properties make them good for kidney patients as well in advanced stages of kidney disease You should ask your doctor If you should consume these or not Red grapes are also good in reducing weight without losing required nutrition in your body If you include red grapes in your diet The chances of getting a kidney disease will deplete with each passing day few fruits like bananas avocados dried beans And nuts should be also avoided by you if you think you have a chance of developing kidney disease or any kidney disorder Not only red grapes but apples, cranberries, blueberries and pineapple are five fruits We suggest as most beneficial fruits for the health of your kidneys We Karma Ayurveda is a reputed kidney care institution where Ayurveda is our key to treat all kidney related disorders We are acclaimed internationally for our 100% naturally produced herbs and can’t take away the traditions of healing yoga and planetary society Important elements of our treatment are team of dietitians is always available to help our patients Our treatment has given exemplary results in the past to stop Disease and healing your kidneys without Alice’s if you’re looking for a treatment for your kidneys or you’re tired of Dallas’s there is no better place than Karma Ayurveda if you want to connect to us, you can call us anytime.
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