Reverse Insulin Resistance — How Joaquin Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

I had my first appointment three months later,
and when I walked in I had lost close to 35 pounds, and my blood pressure was down, my
sinuses were clear, and my doctor was shocked by the transformation in a short period of
time. I would eat a meal of you know potatoes, I
make beans and rice, and I take those to work every
day. In the morning, I take raw oats and I put
fruit on top of it, and that’s what I eat for breakfast,
I would eat that until I was full, and I would test
my blood and it was like 115 – 120, Wow! Right? After a month of eating this way, the difference
in your health and that way you’re going to feel you’re going to thank yourself, and you’re
going to see that it’s well worth it. [Music]
I wasn’t feeling well for some time and I would not go to the doctor. I had severe headaches,
I had a congestion, my toes started to tingle. I got a doctor who’d never seen me before,
I didn’t have a relationship with, so she instead of
talking to me she got into the medical record and she
noticed that the previous December, this was in June of 2017, the previous December my
A1c was 6.8, I think, and then she says I need
you to go have your blood drawn right now. I tried to
say, “Hey, you know I didn’t fast” and she says “I don’t care, go do it, now” and a day
later I got an email sent, it was 7.1 and I was officially
diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic, and I was sent to
have my eyes examined, have my feet examined, and you feel like, you’re shocked, and you
say I really did it this time, and I need to get treatment. At that point, I attended the classes they
sent me to, which were sponsored by my health plan and the initial class they were talking
about diabetes, and what to expect, and what to look for, and by then I had already done
some research online, and I came to know the term
Insulin Resistance, during this class I asked the
nurse, because the guy was an RN, I said “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to throw you off track,
but my understanding is that type 2 diabetes is insulin
resistance” and the guy goes “that’s a conversation for another day”, which blew
my mind right, because I go how can you talk about
what I’m to expect, what I should do, if you don’t tell me what my decease is. At that time, I
started doing research online, that’s when I found Cyrus, recorded the YouTube video
of a Medical Center in Southern California, and
upon hearing him saying you can eat fruit, I said you
know “I need to talk to this guy”. I went to the retreat and it was an incredible
experience for me, because it was a very nourishing supportive environment, I made
friends that I’m still friends with to this date. The
education that I received on those four days immediately changed the way I live my life,
entirely. I adopted the diet, the style, I eat primarily
Whole Foods, I exercise five to six days a week. You
meet everyone, and you’re given an outline of what’s going to take place over the next
few days, and the next morning I walked in and there
were buckets of bananas, mangoes, you know, kiwis, and I’m like are you serious, I go
I’m going to love this, right!. You ate healthy really tasty
foods, I didn’t taste anything the entire time that left me wanting more, quite the
contrary, in the mornings I would say, I can’t wait to finish
this bowl of mangoes, so I can get some more, and
then you finish it up going, wait a minute I’m full. You realize that all the fiber and the water,
and the nutrients make it hard to overeat, when
you’re eating fruit, you stop when you’re done. I was shocked at the level of detail, I’ve
never heard such about biology, chemistry, cell function,
and we started at 7 a.m. and ended at 10 p.m. every day. And in between there were
exercises, we would exercise until you couldn’t get off the ground anymore, and what impacted
me the most is that you know Robby and Cyrus would say listen, look around, where are the
weights? where’s the gym? you don’t need any of that
stuff, right. I’m exercising six days, five to
six days a week for an hour at least, and I don’t own dumbbells, I don’t own anything,
I use my body, the only exercise equipment I purchased
was a band that I hang from the door, so that I
can do, you know, lift, push-ups, and situps and stuff, that’s it! that’s all you need! People try to over complicate how one has
to eat to nourish the body. It’s very simple, you have
your staples, you have rice, beans. The thing that blows your mind is that nobody
tells you don’t have to count calories, you don’t have to
do anything, you just have to eat healthy food until you
feel satisfied. When I talk to folks that they’re trying to
lifestyle for the first time, they over complicate, what to look for? what to eat?. The key here is to just eat simply, add spices
as necessary. The book that you walk away with from the
Summit tells you everything you need to know. I had my first appointment, three months later
and when I walked in I had lost close to 35 pounds, and my blood pressure was down, my
sinuses were clear, and my doctor was shocked by the transformation in a short period of
time. She actually eventually signed up for the
summit that Mastering Diabetes puts up. To find out how different foods were affecting
me, I would actually test throughout the day and I
would eat a meal of potatoes, and make beans and rice and I’d take those to work every
day. In
the morning, I take raw oat and I put fruit on top of him, and that’s what I eat for breakfast,
so I would eat until I was full, and I would test
my blood and it was like 115-120. In the mornings, I
was averaging between 85 and 91. I don’t even test my blood anymore when I
run out of my first supply of test strips, I never would
fill my prescription because I was wasting my time. My
blood sugar is normal in the mornings, throughout the day. The numbness of my feet went
away. I just feel fantastic and I know I’m that
sick anymore. Like I said, I’ll test my A1c one more
time when I’m asked to do by my doctor, but I’m not even concerned about what the results
are going to be. That’s in six months, I’ve lost close to 40
pounds, and I don’t even weigh myself anymore because it’s irrelevant. I feel great! My favorite meal, it’s rice and beans, I love
it!, maybe because I grew up eating beans. I get home with a baked potato, rise with
like, it’s funny because all of a sudden I feel like I’m a
little hungry at night instead of going to grabbing trash,
I’ll throw a baked potato in the oven, put a little a little pepper on it, a little bit
of salt, and I’m good to go, and it’s satisfying, is fulfilling,
and I know that it’s nourishing me, and not harming
me. Do this for yourselves! The cost becomes negligible when you see the
benefits afterwards, you’re not going to spend money on co-payments,
you won’t spend money on going to expensive restaurants that are going to harm
you. I would call it a no brainer, you have to
do this for yourself. After a month of eating this way and the difference
in your health and the way you’re going to feel, you’re going thank yourself
and you’re going to see that it’s well worth it.

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  1. Good Morning
    Is your program available in Chicago, IL? Where can I get the information. I’m a type 2 Diabetic and I want to be in good health. Help!

  2. OMG I can relate to this vlog soooo much his eating habits were sooo much like mine! Being Latina we eat alot of beans y rice y starchy foods its hard to stay sway from but if you know your health is dependent upon cutting it out you will do it! Thanks for sharing your journey I was on 4 metformin per day @ 500 mill NOW only 1 y 1 insulin shot in eve 30lbs loss ac1 is 6.1 so I feel great!

  3. Excellent!! I got blocked out of two Facebook groups entitled Reverse Type 2 Diabetes talking about this. Those people in the groups have it backwards. Unfortunately they will never reverse their type 2 like others that do what Cyrus & Robbie do.

  4. Amazing 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 congratulations Joaquin 🎉 so happy for you and this is definitely great 👍🏼

  5. Congratulations Joquain! That is awesome! I had good results too when I went to my Dr last! My A1C was 9.6 in Jan and down to 6.6 in early May. I did not become Plant based until right after Easter! I also lowered my BP and got off a BP Pill! I am off Insulin as well.

  6. I've been getting a lot of ghost notifications from you in my subscription feed. It will say that you uploaded a new video, but when I look at your channel there won't be anything there. This is the first real notification since your wfpb vs keto vid. Have I missed anything?

  7. Well done! but we are all different, when I ate fruit and vegetables my cholesterol went up my A1C was 7.0 and after 2 hours of eating my BG was 11.0 or 198.0. Now on LCHF my A1C is 5.5 and my cholesterol is down, my BG now after eating is 6.5 or 117.0 insulin is the thing we need to keep down, above all else.

  8. Hi Joaquin, just want to say that you did so good! Congrats and thanks for the motivation 🙂 Im so happy to hear you took your life back!

  9. Both? 🤷🏻‍♀️ LOL I seriously love both equally, for different reasons. Some of my favorite dinners usually involve a baked potato (no butter, sour cream, cheese or any other fatty additives) with some Frank’s Red Hot splashed on. So yummy and satisfying.

  10. Great video! In November of last year my A1C was at 14.3, I weighed 408, and my blood glucose was normally in the high 400s to mid 500s. I decided to go completely plant based. I am now down to 310 and my last blood A1C, beginning of May, was a 5.6 and my fasting glucose is between 80-100 every morning. I know I am still in the obese range, but I don't remember the last time I felt this good. I am completely off insulin and off my high blood pressure medicine. I am still dealing with diabetic neuropathy though, but it's a lot more tolerable now. Stories like this is what got my butt in gear. Such inspiration.

  11. Hey guys a while back I remember either watching a video or listening to an interview in which Robbie described when to take insulin prior to eating fruit and why.. could either of you or anyone else point me in the right direction to find this info?

  12. I have reactive hypoglycemia and developed this after 10 years on keto along with celiac disease, I almost died. Malnutritioned, low protein, low calcium, and my hair was falling out. I have been raw vegan for 3 weeks and my blood sugar is yoyoing, BUT I feel tons better. Just trying to get this fat out of my body so I can utilize sugar. Any tips?

  13. Non-fasting blood test and that showed you were diabetic? Carbs and fruits are okay? Why are you making this video? None of what you say is true, and you may put some people in a dangerous situation!

  14. When you say rice and beans, potatoes can you use butter, cheese do you eat any meat or is it all plant based

  15. Please help me. Type II diabetic. Please, can I get some suggestions? I just don't understand this. If I eat rice, potatoes, oatmeal, beans, etc, my blood sugar soars. All these starchy foods really take a toll on me. And that includes high sugar fruits too, like bananas and mangos. I keep watching and reading the testimonials about how this kind of diet cured their insulin resistance but all it does for me is absolutely throw my blood sugar way up. I would love to be able to eat more fruit and some oatmeal, beans, etc, but my body doesn't seem to be able to handle it. 🙁 I would like to get away from animal products, but animal protein seems to be the only thing that brings my blood sugar down. If I eat one of those foods and my blood sugar soars, I will then eat some animal meat and my blood sugar will come back down fairly quickly. If I don't eat the animal protein, my sugar can, and does, remain high for hours. So all these testimonials about this way of eating just don't seem to be applicable to me. Makes me sad. BUT I am very happy for those that have this work for them! I envy them. What is the answer for me? How do I get my body not to react like it does to any kind of starchy foods, even these whole natural foods? I am so frustrated.

  16. Type 2 diabetes is a serious condition for people so i wish 'experts ' just told the truth about this. It can be reversed for sure but some doctors say low carbs and no sugar and others like here say just eat carbs and sugar. Clearly one of these opinions is wrong. Why can't the medical profession speak with a united voice on this?

  17. I think its more the exercise than the potatoes n fruits. Those are usually a no no for diabetics. If you exercise that allows you to eat tthose things depending on the person probly but I wouldnt just eat this way and expect it to lower blood sugars at least not for everybody.

  18. I am type 2. I play football and keep my blood glucose in control. But I have lost weight. I don't take any medicine. So how to gain some weight?

  19. I was 310 pounds 6 months ago, and am down over 50 pounds by eating WFPB, combined with intermittent fasting. My numbers are awesome now, but my doctor doesn't even know what IF is! I told him I eat during an 8 hour window and the rest of the time I fast. I have been yo yo dieting since I was 11 years old, and diets do NOT work. I blew up my gallbladder when I was on Atkins (same as keto), and the minute I ate a corn chips I gained it ALL back. This is the easiest thing I have ever done, it is free, and I don't have a second full time job writing my food down, weighing and measuring, and counting a bunch of stuff!!

  20. Hi, someone can speak chiness here …l am mr lee here from malaysia l am type 2 diabetes 20 years
    my whatassp number 601118682023

  21. I don’t understand why his results are different from mine.. I ate Carbs and fruits , then weight went up together with my Boood sugar.. how can this b possible?

  22. I have been on Keto since last February 4, 2019 Not losing weight and my blood sugar is in 200+ range.. But eating beans and potatoes??? Scares me.


  24. But I hear some doctor say that rice in potatoes banana mangoes strike your blood sugar I'm a little confused

  25. I used a whole-foods clean ketogenic diet and intermittent fasting to reverse my T2D. My A1C went from 11.5 to 5.4

  26. What an Awesome Testimonial Joaquin!!!💙😃🤗😉… You look AMAZING!!!😃😍🤗😉… Just curious, because it's been a while since this Video was posted…

    What exactly did your Conventional Doc say after attending the Summit!!??… And, Exactly what type of Diet does she now Recommend to her Diabetic Patients!!??🤔

  27. Wow eating a high glycemic food like potatoes in abundance and no spike in BG. Ahhh ok exercise 6 hours a day. Unfortunately the worst source of proof in medical research are anecdotal narratives. I’d like to see some peer reviewed studies with medical causal inference that are duplicated by independent researchers.

  28. When I eat potato, rice, or even hummus my sugar goes high. Maybe everyones different because some Dr said complex carbs were hood to cure diabetes and was kicked out of a health confrence.Some people wrote in how sick they felt like when they followed that you eat sugar. Fruit makes it go high too I feel like Im eating wrong when I eat apple and bananas.I wish I had experienced a class like that when I had insurance.My sugar was only good once in hospital when I had a salad w chicken and leamon juice. A hamburger w lettuc no bun. Thanks for sharing.

  29. I only lose weight on low carb.I even had a little soup w rice not that much and my sugar surged. Im SO jelly HOW CAN IT NOT RAISE YOUR SUGAR BUT IT SPIKES MINE. I LOVE BAKED POTATO W CHEESE AND BROCCOLI.Sometimes I crave a banana and feel mad at myself for giving in.

  30. If you add a little water to potato you can mash it w a fork. Can you eat a grass fed butter like kerrigold I lost weight w by en I did low carb higher fat no fruit only.

  31. Ive been trying keto for last five years. gl only stays low only if I stay off carbs n starches. so after studying Dr Mcdougall starch solution I have been trying starch baded diet with no fat, meat, dairy, egg, and any kind of oil (cooking oil, extra vergin oil, corn oil, coconut oil.. NO oils). At the beginning my gl got pretty high, but after several days of no meats, eggs/dairy n NO oil, gl started to come down even with tons of starch (potato, rice, noodles, bread) consumption. So this proves that fat is the root of insulin resistance. Im going to keep doing starch/fruits/veggy doet with no fat and see how much my IR improves. Im feeling very full n love the starches!!!!!

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