S. Korean FM to meet with American, Japanese counterparts in Munich

souse top diplomat is in germany to
attend the 56th munich security conference during the three-day event
the ministry is scheduled to take part in multilateral sessions as well as hold
sideline meetings for their American and Japanese counterparts Oh jung-hee fills
us in South Korea’s foreign minister kang jung-ho will be meeting with her
American and Japanese counterparts over the weekend on the sidelines of the
Munich Security Conference Seoul’s foreign ministry says Cong US Secretary
of State’s Mike Pompeo and Japanese foreign minister to Shimizu Motegi will
meet on Saturday most likely to discuss North Korea policy it hasn’t been
confirmed whether there will be a one-on-one between kang and Pompeyo but
speaking to reporters at the airport on Thursday Kang said if opportunity
accurs’d and will have a few things to talk about such as the sharing of
defense costs and the situation on the Korean Peninsula meanwhile a bilateral
meeting between South Korean and Japanese foreign ministers is also
scheduled as the two countries face difficulties in repairing their
fractured relationship Japan has restricted exports to South Korea in
retaliation for the South Korean Supreme Court rulings in 2018 that ordered
Japanese firms to compensate the Korean victims of Japan’s wartime forced labor
solar in turn decided to terminate its in telling pact with Japan but in the
end delayed that decision senior officials from Seoul and Tokyo have met
several times or the matter but the two sides are still far apart another
talking point is the radioactive waste in Fukushima Japan has not yet
officially decided how to deal with it but is leaning towards releasing it into
the sea Solar is urging Tokyo to share related information transparently it
will buy by international standards who Johnny Arirang news

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