Scaling and Root Planing

For many reasons, sometimes people aren’t
able to maintain their recommended frequency of dental checkups.
Oftentimes, when extended time has gone in between cleanings, a more advanced cleaning
may be recommended by your doctor. Harmful bacteria and hard tartar deposits
called calculus build up on your teeth above and below the gumline, releasing toxins that
cause gum disease, also known as periodontitis. Unfortunately, this buildup occurs in areas
that can’t be taken care of by brushing, flossing, or even a regular dental cleaning.
Over time, if periodontitis progresses, it can lead to increased inflammation, bleeding,
receding gums, and ultimately receding bone tissue.
Your doctor can recommend a procedure called scaling and root planing, to remove these
deposits from your teeth. Scaling and root planing is a specialized
procedure that removes excessive calculus and the bacterial deposits beneath the gumline,
and is usually performed with a hand scaler, and an ultrasonic cleaner, which uses high-frequency
vibrations to separate the calculus from the tooth.
This procedure is for advanced periodontitis cases, and in many cases is so extensive that
it must be done in stages. It may require multiple appointments to complete
in order to ensure you are as comfortable as possible during the procedure.
By removing the deposits and bacteria, this procedure is in many cases able to hold the
spread of periodontitis. Your doctor will determine the next steps for continued rehabilitation
of your gum tissue. However, if these symptoms are not treated
appropriately, the progression can advance to a point of tooth and bone loss, requiring
costly and painful reconstructive dentistry to treat.

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  1. I was nervous that I had put this off for years, 9 weeks ago I gained the courage and overcame my fear of dentist. For the past 9 weeks I have had a lot of dental work completed including deep cleaning and scaling. Crowns. Fillings. Oral surgery three extractions. And finally last week my impressions were taken for my partcials. Don't let fear keep you from having a healthy mouth

  2. Or how about you just pull teeth like most of your patients want you too? Oh no, cant do that. No money to be made in actually fixing the problem.

  3. Scaling is very very common. Even used on people with healthy teeth with minimal calculus build up. Not rare. Not highly technical or hard.

  4. To be honest, I love this cleaning procedure! Makes my teeth super clean! Nothing to worry about. The worst case scenario would be removing wisdom tooth. That shit is scary.

  5. Did this video just dat that your gum tissue recovers on its own after treatment? I thought the bone detieriation under the teeth was permanent along with the receeding gum lines??

  6. Just had this done yesterday and today… aside for the anesthesia (needed 6 on my right side, and 4 on my left side… never liked that "pinching"), it was very relaxing… but I have a "picking at my gums" problem so that's probably why I enjoyed it lol

    It was definitely a wake up call though that I need to take better care of my teeth… I also had them do the filling on my left side since I was already numb… now i have 7 more fillings on my right side…

  7. I just finished having this done for the first time. I am 65 years old if that makes a difference, I don't know. My dentist told me I should have this procedure done.
    I took 1 month to gather the courage to make appointments with the dental office to start this treatment.
    Like lots of people, I have a bit of anxiety regarding dental work. I had it done in 4 appointments
    and had hardly any discomfort afterwards. Maybe I got lucky?. I had local anesthetic. The only maybe uncomfortable part is being in the chair for so long. I got used to the scraping sound etc. after the first treatment.
    I also got used to the jack hammer, circular saw, belt sander and garden hose that was jammed into my mouth. Just kidding !
    My teeth feel like brand new and I am glad I had this procedure done.

  8. I have to schedule an appointment to have the deep cleaning done and I'm so freaking nervous but I'm going to have it done in two appointments I'm going to try

  9. I'm trying to understand why the video is using an orban-end of an explorer for scaling (why won't they use a scaler instead?). We never use this instrument in dentistry anymore. And the strokes they used is also incorrect, even including the ultrasonic. I recommend watching another video.

  10. I just had this done in 2 sessions. Once last week and one today. I have high sensitivity to cold and the ultra sonic thing hurt because of the cold water. Once she went to manual tools it was smooth sailing.

  11. I was pleasantly surprised to find the procedure once anaesthetised was not at all painful however 4 hours later and the anaesthetic has worn off and the healing pain is absolute agony it's now 5 in the morning I have not slept at all and painkillers are not taking the pain away even stronger painkillers but I've been told by my dentist on calling him but this is normal for this procedure for a couple days

  12. So basically this comment section is filled up with people that are getting their teeth done and are so scared they googled scaling?

    Yeah me too

  13. I have a gum receding it is because of a genetic disease. the medications here in Jordan aren't very developed. Do you think there's a cure for gums receding? what is the best thing to do ??

  14. Had this done today. Wasn't painful, and I'm a scardycat. She remove stuff I didn't know was there. (Gross) But I feel so much better.

  15. Anyone who doesn't go to a dentist in this day and age, whether it be cowardice or finances, are only putting themselves in a high level of health jeopardy. It's the 21st Century…the days of highly painful procedures are LONG gone.

    Dental health affects just about ALL other health issues, from improper eating and the problems that causes (obesity, diabetes etc), to infections in the mouth as well as other parts of your body.
    Let's grow up people!
    And make sure you start your children going to the dentist at a very young age. The sooner you do, and often, the less dental problem they will have as they grow up.

  16. For more people obtain the knowledge of our teeth, I'd love to share this video to If you don't mind, please let me have the autority to post it on weibo and I will tag the author.


    Thanks all the way.

  17. Got all 4 quadrants done today, they used a local topical anesthetic. 236 after insurance and 1080 before insurance. Does not hurt and is great and only took 45 to 60 mins

  18. Just had this done on one side. going back for the other side this week. only took about 35 minutes. financially painful. 550 a side w/insurance.

  19. In my opinion, we go to visit the Dentist only when something is hurting in our mouth. We all know how much we are fearful of them.😁

  20. I wish we wouldn't have to deal with this crap. I've got periodontal disease even though I take better care of my teeth than all my siblings. My sister hardly brushes, and never floss' and yet she has much healthier teeth and gums.

    I guess the gaps and overbrushing has contributed to gum recession and bone loss. It's really stressful, especially when you're only 31. It's something more common in older adults, but I'm stuck with it. I'm going to have to get surgery for the gums and bone. I might just go the fixed dentures route for the bottom teeth… Most areas of my gums aren't too bad, but the bottom front is terrible, thanks to the gaps… My parents should've gotten braces for me early on, but they didn't. It's a lot cheaper for kids in Canada.

  21. I’ve had this done in the past on my entire mouth. It’s not painful! Don’t be afraid! Trust me, your mouth will thank you!! My teeth aren’t bad (I’m obsessive) but I was getting a dark spot between two of my teeth, on the gum. Turns out I had some calculus in that area and a few weeks after the procedure it went away.🤷🏻‍♀️

  22. Had this done today I’m 26 it hurt a little afterwards but we’ll worth it my mouth feels so different and I mean that in a good way

  23. Oh my God it felt so amazing!! Went to a dental clinic, a hygienist school to save money. I've picked at my gums with sharp objects for years and neglected the dentist for years. Not my first planing but was my first ultrasonic. Wow! My mouth is so clean and feels sooo fresh! It was satisfying, like a hard, vibrating massage for your gums. 😁😂

  24. Getting this done soon and I cant wait. This gum infection has given me headaches and sometimes a shooting pain through the middle of my cheek, plus extreme fatigue 😔

  25. i m suffuring bleeding gums from 8 years😢😢. and i have done scaling many times but no effect. suggest me some thing new😑

  26. I went to the dentist today for a regular cleaning for $49 without insurance and I paid it before the service; but the dentist refused to do regular cleaning after taking x-ray and exam because she wanted me to do deep cleaning (Scaling and Root Plaining) and the quote is $595 for 4 quadrants or the entire mouth. Is this quote legit?

  27. More scare tactics from the dental industry. In many cases this is not needed – do yourself a favor and go to another dentist if you are told you need this. Many dentist use this as a money maker. Don't be scammed!

  28. had this done the other day, it’s not that painful but my dentist told me it was their middle stage of cleaning teeth. it definitely hurt but i’m pretty sure it’s because they didn’t tell me what they were doing until i felt a motorized pick at my gums with no numbing, etc. you get used to it then afterwards you shouldn’t feel much if any pain.

  29. May I through this medium apologies to my wife for my negative reaction to her the day I accompanied her to her Dental appointment in Bristol, UK, for her deep root cleaning procedures. Out of ignorance, l became uncomfortable and wondering aloud why my wife could not calm down and be fully at rest and at ease to allow for a very successful procedure. I had wondered why my wife could not endure and cooperate with the procedure in order to get the good results she much desired. But I now know what my wife went through and why she was unable to fully endure the procedure. I had to go through the same procedure for root cleaning to rid my teeth of plaques at the same centre at 09:30hrs yesterday —31 /01 /20.
    I could not help interfering with the procedure just like my wife did due to incessant irritations and discomforts . The dental technician kept saying please relax time unnumbered.
    From personal experience, to me, l can say this procedure is not just ordinary cleaning, it is a minor surgery that requires the need for an appropriate level of anesthesia. How could anyone expect a client to have complete control over the almost involuntary nervous activities going on in the mouth. Unless the nerves in the mouth are temporarily blocked, there is no way the client can be relaxed and still enough for a truly thorough cleaning. The bitter truth is that it is this seemingly CRUEL unbearable and uncomfortable part of the procedure that frightens people off approaching the Dentist unless faced with prolonged dental problems. Helpless people are paying to endure what looks like a case of Abuse. That people will have to endure with suffering in order to smile should be unacceptable. So please let whatever is needed to stop cruelty in all its ramifications no matter how little be done.

  30. Just had done few hours ago, I asked doctor what this procedure called. She said google it, I don't have enough time to tell you.

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