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  1. How many times how they popped on this guys face he needs retain A or Accutane and that's it. His face has permanent scars and burning scars. He needs to wash wish with benzoyl peroxide when the redness goes down and stop touching his face.

  2. To me that was amazing. Over here we've got everything we need to treat about everything there is. Over there they work with what they got. What stood out the most to me is how for pain control that lady was singing. Crazy thing is it relaxed me as well. A lot of people seem to forget not all countries has Starbucks and pharmacies next door. In most countries they couldn't afford either one.

  3. Emptying the pours completely helps you should have put a warm towel on his face to least remove the dead skin and people never use cuticle clippers or toenail clippers on a person's face😒

  4. I think the bambol things were great to suction all the bad blood and infection.
    But I lighter hand would be great, all that scrapping, pinching piercing damages so much the skin which is already so damaged and fragile

  5. He needs Isotretinoin ASAP his acne it’s severe. I had it myself when I was young and my dermatologist gave me a six month prescription for the meds and I did the six months treatment 5 years ago. Had some side effects like dry lips during the treatment but you can minimize with ointment and now my skin is clear and perfect. I thank my doctor so much for giving me the right medication and make me feel secure about my skin. All I do now is peeling once in a while.

  6. This poor kid needs a liscensed physician or dermatologist. He can come back to the spa and treat his acne after he gets his severe dermatitis or scabes under control. Ouch that looks painful and traumatic for a young person.

  7. I'm glad he found someone gentle and skillful to help him, but all I keep thinking of is how frustrating it must be to have your skin/face react like this. Ouch, poor kid. Life (in general) is hard enough already.

  8. Из какой глубочайшей дыры вынули этого чудика каростового…..это же жесть…..

  9. I thought she did a very good job. I really enjoyed her singing, it was very calming. Thank you for sharing….excellent video.😊😊

  10. I enjoy your videos and would entrust you to my face I would like to say because I can ,which has not a bearing on her skills which are obviously really good , I think you are really beautiful

  11. Anyone who has ever gotten a tattoo can tell you you shouldn't RIP scabs off your skin. It causes more scars and damage. They are there to heal and protect your new healthy skin.

  12. Why did that poop guy's face look like that, all of the scabs? Is that from the medicine he used? After she cleaned his face up, the skin looked so much better.

  13. If every session was this relaxing and sounded this beautiful it would be a beautiful world. I hope to hear more singing while you do your work. Has to be super comforting to the client as well.

  14. It can’t be good to scrape those scabs off. Doing so leads to hyper/hypo pigmentation issues. He needs to see a dermatologist

  15. 😬Jesus Mary And Joseph ! How painful this must be I would think a warm soft cloth to get the crusty off not the toenail clippers! But what do I know…..I hope he is doing better and used the ‘right’ medicine whatever that’s about?

  16. I hope this young man is doing better, and getting the proper medical attention, he needs for this condition which clearly isn't acne.

  17. I had the volume off I stopped half way through to read comments as to better know what was happening to this guys face and OMG she started to sing, I dont know what she was singing or saying but she was putting me to sleep, such a soothing sound 🙂

  18. Only thing I can say is that I feel to bad for this young man. It's hard enough just being young these days and you add bad skin….. He probably having a rough time right now. I hope he has a quick recovery.

  19. Would this have been painful for him? Especially around the scabbed/burnt/blistered parts? Cause he was taking it like a champ!! At parts I could feel my skin twitch and my eyes start welling up from second hand pain hahaha!!

    He didn’t even flinch or make a peep 😧🥺

  20. He may need to wash his face just with water whenever he has chances several times a day and need more moisturizing. T zone with gentle soap or with acne treating soap. Hope he'll get better soon.

  21. Where do you start and where do you stop, I don't feel like he really takes care of his skin,,,,dried pimple puss all over your face ???? I may be wrong but at least she cleaned it off and sucked out those pimples with that stick thing that was a big job good work

  22. Huong .. you are a God sent to many patients with extreme inflammation problems. You are their last hope. God bless you.

  23. A cuticle cutter for clearing scabs? Even though I don't believe this is the best method, i still love watching your videos 😂😉

  24. I think he needs a systemic medication like acutane, antibiotics and a good skin cleaning regime using glycolic soap or retinol.

  25. Wow…all I'm gonna say is this client must be in a lot of pain constantly. Hope she helps him out and gets him looking and feeling better.

    I'm really impressed with how much better his face is after the treatment. It may be an older style of treatment, not as modern as it would be in the US, but I think it turned out just as well as it would've with modern treatment after just 1 appt. Well done!

  26. This happened to me under the care of a derm in the US 🤷. Some meds and some skin dont mix. Lots of YT drs out there 🙄

  27. His skin actually looks better than when he first came in. There’s really a difference from the beginning to the end. I think she did a good job

  28. Boy Ms. Huong, you can sure brandish that flat tweezers tool! Your patient's skin must have felt AWFUL with those thick, tough scabs on the face !

  29. Amazing how so many people are saying a Dr did that to him. But you also say medical treatment is not available, and if it is, they don't treat acne. So which one is it exactly? Or is it only dermatologists that don't treat acne there? Being a fan does not mean having to like or agree with everything someone does. Just because she is able to help some people; doesn't mean she is equipped to handle every situation. Claiming lack of resources in areas where spas exist is also ridiculous. Vietnam was working towards universal healthcare long before the US. There are private and public hospitals with international accreditation. Of funds so far received for Agent Orange contamination? The Vietnamese government decided how that was dispersed and they did not see fit to give enough to the areas most severely effected. So please, stop spreading so much misinformation and trying to make everyone in Vietnam to be completely destitute and without options.

  30. I believe he was given the wrong medication for his skin condition and she is rectifying his skin treatment. Personally, I don’t think I could handle extractions having skin this inflamed. It would be too much to bear. I would need exfoliation first. And calming my skin first. She knows what she is doing no doubt. I think it looks painful as are all extractions. Not a criticism just my feeling of what I could tolerate. She def knows what she is doing. I literally had to ask a dermatologist to stop with extractions once. It was too painful, and I left.

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