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  1. Something ain’t right..Shawn is normally ecstatic to hug her but his heart is somewhere else u can tell in his eyes….this going to be a bumpy road just my opinion

  2. How is she selfish in telling him what she needs? Like that’s how adult relationships are supposed to be. You tell your partner “I need this or that. Is that within your possibilities right now?” You accept the response because it might actually be something you don’t like. It’s putting yourself up for potential disappointment but trusting that this thing you’re building might pull through. Relationships don’t have to be these sacrificial things all the time! This is healthy. And come on, he’s brutally honest. If he didn’t mean it he wouldn’t have said it.

  3. Freddie Highmore is 27 years old. Why are ALL his female co-stars older than him? Jasika Nicole is turning 40 in April, Antonia Thomas is 33, Fiona is 39, Paige Spara is 30. All potential love interests for him.

  4. I was moved, happy for, and proud of him when he said it… but did he truly mean it?? His face is so blank while they're hugging. Maybe he was afraid of her leaving him and reacted out of fear, saying what he thought he was supposed to say to keep her.

  5. I feel that this is the best road for him to go on. Carly is so patient and after all that she still wants to be with him. The way Shaun grabbed her hand and says i love you to her was something i wasn’t expecting and it warmed my heart to see that. Lea is a good friend and i think it should stay that way.

    P.s. did anyone else feel excited when he he went in and hugged Glassman? That was so awesome.

  6. ik some people are just attached to lea cause she was there "first" so to speak and therefore hate on carly, but the thing is i don't see how she's being selfish at all. if you've ever been in an actual relationship, this is how things work: you tell your significant other what you need, and if they can't give it to you the way you want it, you compromise–together. carly has been nothing but patient with shaun and knew what she was getting herself into when she decided to be in a relationship with him. she doesn't complain. some of you say she's being pushy; but??? huh? shaun agreed to be her boyfriend; it's only natural for them to be intimate. how else is he ever going to grow and understand how a romantic relationship works if he stays the same? yes, she puts him out of his comfort zone, but she always does it in a way that goes at shaun's pace, and never without his consent. even in this scene, she understands how huge her request is, which is why she gave him time to think about it. personally, in the end, i just want shaun to be happy, but carly, by far, is one of the most unselfish characters i've ever come across.

  7. I just seen the episode and Carly has me all the way mad , bro Shaun was literally at the place where he got abused and where his brother died , and she’s mad cause he didn’t give her attention , bro I swear to god y’all don’t know how much that sucks for Shaun

  8. Here Carley goes acting like a typical woman giving Shaun ultimatums. If I was Shaun I would tell Carley grow up we are not married I can live with whoever I want and if you don't like that to bad.

  9. I just want to see the scene of him talking to Lea :" I will leave , I'm going to live with Carly " . I like Carly so much , but as a couple I , I prefer Lea and Shaun , I think in the lasts chapter's of that season they will be together .

  10. I love lea but carly asking him to move isn't selfish if my girlfriend was living with a girl she had/ still have some feelings for I wouldn't want her to live with her at all especially if it can jeopardize our relationship it's not being selfish it's called being a grown up and communicating better with your partner

  11. Shaun is pressured. Prolly faked the "I Love you Carly". Carly gave the ultimatum because Lea is a threat and she felt shaun is really into Lea. Why is it like she is forcing Shaun to like her? We can see that Lea and Glassman are those who really understands and knows how to handle shaun. Carly is nice but you cant teach who to love. #ShEA #MelendAire

  12. I love Shaun and Carly. The first time they met was really cute, and Ive been shipping them since. And Carlys first episode was actually before Lea first appeared on the show.

  13. This was unexpectedly beautiful but in my opinion I think he made the right decision I still don't like Carly and Shaun's dynamic but it will be interesting to see where this rollercoaster stops.

  14. I honestly don't understand why people hate on Carly. She is so damn sweet, beautiful, patient and understanding with Shaun. Why are ya'll saying that she is selfish and insecure? In what world it is okay to cuddle with someone, who you already kissed with before, while you are in a relationship? Everybody acts like it's nothing and you are so open-minded, but in real life that would hurt a lot. And it's not about jelaousy but about respecting each other enough to not sleep with someone else. And if he loves Lea, he should have just broken up eith Carly then..
    I really like Shaun as a character but this whole thing is not okay.

  15. Is it just me? The hug felt really uncomfortable and cold. If it is a hug with lea we can see it in his eyes and he hugs back? Hmm irdk whats happening lol im so confused. Lea or Carly ftw

  16. I don't like Carly or Lea, I prefer Shaun xClaire relationship.
    Anyway she is his girlfriend so Carly have the right to be selfish with her boyfriend.
    Shaunxlea have a ambiguous relationship, it's not good to live together.

  17. Can I just say how PERFECT Shaun taking Carly's hand is??!! the writing on this show is amazing and so clever and really showing Shaun's character development. I know people are gasping at Shaun's declaration of "I Love You" (and yes I did squeal too!) BUT him taking Carly's hand of his own accord because he wanted to is just sigh ADORABLE and shown how much he's growing in their relationship. Bear in mind that he struggled with hand holding but has remembered what Carly told him about the significance and importance of hand holding…that it says, "We're in it together, that we've got each other's backs and we'll hold each other up for as long as we can." and that whilst Shaun could say all of those things to her verbally, in fact shout them, it wouldn't say it as loud as this. He knows what it means and so does Carly so when he takes her hand she knows how much it means and what Shaun is really saying. <3<3<3

  18. I think he just say that to make her happy. He was honest about he sleep with another girl and she got upset and told him to choose and he did because he looks like the type of person that make other people happy instead of what he want

  19. It's in the worst moments that people show their true colors we have seen Lea and Shaun still feels safe and comfortable with her …now let's wait and see Carley's worst and you guys tell me if she is still the one

  20. I totally understand why Shaun was uncomfortable with touching Carly vs his comfort with Lea holding him. I've always thought he gets overwhelmed by how intense his feelings are for Carly. It's unfamiliar territory for him. He's had crushes on Lea and Claire but never truly has had an ongoing romantic relationship. In the episode, he stated that he feels nervous around Carly and always wants to impress her.
    Have you ever had a crush and felt that way? I sure have. Now imagine how intense that can be when you're in love for the first time? That's why he's had issues with being intimate with Carly. He's overwhelmed by his feelings for her and feels out of control. Autistic or not, some people, myself included, aren't used to or get overwhelmed with feeling attracted to someone or being in love, and run away from it. Add on top of that his abandonment issues and fear of losing people. It's a lot to process. But I truly think he's in love with her.
    Now with Lea, he doesn't have romantic feelings for her (remember when he checked his pulse when sitting next to her?) and they've bonded as close friends, so of course he's finally comfortable with her holding him.
    Shaun's growing to trust people. I love how much he's grown, and I can relate to him so much. His character development has been great this season.

  21. Everything in this scene felt forced to me. Just my opinion. If she trusts Shaun then she wouldn't have to make him choose to move out regardless if she said she'd understand if he didn't. It felt like she was super threatend by Lea and kind of in a subtle way gaslighted/manipulated him into choosing her.

  22. I do like them together but I hope Lea and him, if they don’t grow into a relationship, I hope they stay best friends. I love their relationship platonically or not.

  23. I can't believe the writers will make Shaun not live with Lea anymore after all he did last season to convice her to live with him. If i were Lea i'd be very upet. Carly doesn't garantee herself?

  24. It's interesting that his relationship status is the most important thing for people to focus on, especially "endgame" talk – being a show centered around a male character that is really refreshing but…why can't the "endgame" be a strong capable man and surgeon whose relationships have helped him, friends and more alike

  25. Sorry, I dont know why the wirters are doing this with Shaun – you can clearly see hes NOT happy with his (obvously too quickly done) decision. We know he learned about lying – but in a good way, if it doesnt hurt anybody or the truth isnt helping anybody. But here he does it of selfih reasons ( he doenst want to be alone, he finaly wants to get over Lea, and or else) and he accepts to hurt Carlys feelings (again). He already realized it wasnt the tattoo what hold him back from further intimiacy with Carly – so why now this?. I am team Lea but I think they put a bit too much drama on his way to find love. Just give him a girlfriend and show how it works out, theres no need for a triangle, really.

  26. He better not move. His and Lea's relationship is great. I love the story line. I want Carly and Shaun to be nothing more than friends.

  27. I warned that Lea and Shaun were not emerging yet; how can they when Lea is a supporting minor character without development? She's basically a warm blanket, a dutiful sidekick. The moment the show starts to invest in her, develop her character, then you'll know it's real. Stop letting these shenanigan set ups get you to hating a character like Carly, who is actually a part of the Shaun's growth, just as Lea, and Glassman.

  28. Hell the fuck no! I would end that relationship right there and then! You asking me to leave my best friend for you??? The person I met before you?!!! Hell no! I get it relationships and how they suppose to work but he ain’t married to her (1) and (2) if he leave lea and this bitch decided to one day leave him or if it don’t work out then he ends up with nothing!!! That’s worst then having a good friend around!

  29. I think he’s doing that to make her happy and not for him. Anybody that says that Carly is better for him is a idiot. You actually see him happy with Carly? And no lea around. The man is going to be lonely as ever. He cannot touch her, let alone have sex with her in bed and you think that this is happiness and that he will be happy in the end???? Don’t get me wrong cause with Lea he did not had to fake it when it came to huggin and when she touched him sometimes. It’s not a boring, fake relationship. Carly and him is a boring not happy relationship. Carly needs someone older that’s for her. She’s a great women but it just seems odd. If I had to choose between my girlfriend friend who I just met a couple months ago or my best friend who’s been there for me who do you think I would choose??? I would choose my best friend she can kick rocks. It’s not always about her and what she wants. A relationship is 50/50 and one person is not happy doing something I’m not going to force them to do something they don’t want or are uncomfortable doing.

  30. I like lea as a person but she isn't girlfriend material for anyone let alone Shawn in the first season she led him on… I don't care what you say she gets a new job and just bounces them when it doesn't work out she just comes back like bro I would of told her to stick it where the sun doesn't shine just coz she was his first doesn't mean she's the right one I'm so glad he chose Carly

  31. YES!!!!!!!!!! OMG! Carly… you're the girl!

    I will never understand Carly haters. I get the chemistry between Shaun and Lea, but seriously… Carly is such a great person….
    Her character is so refreshing. Their relationship is so refreshing. It's all about understanding your PARTNER…. making an EFFORT to UNDERSTAND their needs and COMMUNICATING yours too..
    It's what a healthy relationship is all about.
    To all those who are screaming "They don't have enough chem." or "Lea and Shaun have more chem." Chemistry is also important but it's something people can work on along the way… but having the willingness and effort to understand your partner, communicate, and not to mention having a lot of key similarities… they weigh heavier than chemistry.

  32. I just read the comment section. I am baffled to see how many people are thinking that it's unreasonable for Carly to ask Shaun not to live with Carly and some even say that Shaun can live with anybody he wants.
    Yeah of course… everyone can live with anybody they want…. but in this situation.. it's totally understandable for Carly (or anybody for that matter) to ask for Shaun to not live with Carly. It's not being selfish… it's communicating what you need… it creates more space for love to grow without a distraction…
    Shaun, definitely has special needs but there are things that he also needs to learn and Carly has been doing a wonderful job at helping Shaun understand how romantic relationship works. Geez…
    I've been saying this and I'll say it again : Now I understand why divorce rates are up. People aren't open to negotiating needs in the relationship.

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