16 thoughts on “Shaun Tells Carly He Fell Asleep Hugging Lea – The Good Doctor”

  1. I mean I know she was upset but like.. omg it was a totally different situation. Shaun literally was hitting himself and having a meltdown and Lea calmed him down. I mean if it was Carly in that situation he might’ve done the same thing. Idk.

  2. I commend Carly for being Shaun's gf and legitimately liking him. Lea has had chances to be his gf and she doesn't want to be. Carly and Shaun should be together.

  3. I dont think why people put so much hate on him. She is so calm, lovely, mature and understanding. If she didnt love him truly she wouldnt put so much effort like that in their relationship. Lea is a great friend for him and people like her, i like her too, but carly is doing so much, she deserve more reconigse.

  4. People are pretending like they would be okay with their significant other not inviting them on a trip and then fine with them cuddling in bed with someone they made out with in the past. Let’s be honest, most people would have gone crazy on their significant other, even if it were after a funeral, and would never have been as calm and cool as Carly was. Carly handled that maturely.

  5. I hate Carly. She’s way too controlling and uses Shaun as an experiment or a trial to see how fast she can get him to be intimate. She wants a normal relationship but yet she chose the one person that has autism, which is a high maintenance disorder. I don’t like Carly

  6. I think both Carly and Lea are working hard with Shaun, and Shaun is working hard at improving his relationships too. I also feel like one reason why he might be less anxious overall around Lea is precisely because she pulled back when he it came to having a romantic relationship with him, as odd as that sounds. Shaun grew up with an abusive father, lost his brother and is not simply autistic…but has major trust and attachment issues based on how he was raised and his early experiences. I do not doubt that he likes Carly. I think with Lea…he has met someone that definitely made it clear that she was okay just keeping their relationship platonic and also is somewhat childlike and playful. He does not have to worry about Lea rejecting him because she has made it clear that she is totally fine just being his friend and is pretty laid back in general. She also has shown irritation and even anger with him…but it is a snarky, normal sort of anger – so he has seen Lea get angry with him and treat him like anyone else. And still move on. I think he has seen more about how Lea can get irked with him but still keeps him in her friendship circle and does not seem to dwell on their misunderstandings. She has shown that she cares about Shaun as a friend with nothing else required. This undoubtedly takes a lot of stress off of him and he has seen her when angry…and knows she still is safe and will not attack him or make him feel badly about things he cannot control. At this time…I think Shaun needs to worry less about having a girlfriend and more about feeling safe and secure in his friendships. He has major fears of being rejected or abandoned but also issues with physical space and even gestures like hand holding. He is running into the romantic world more for…what feels like meeting some societal goal but he is really timid and overwhelmed. I do not think Carly is the issue. I think the issue is that he has a lot of fears and the anxiety about making Carly feel worse is just adding to his stress. He needs to be able to very slowly work towards a romantic relationship with a person he feels secure with as a forever friend first. Otherwise, Carly may get hurt too and it is not about anything she is doing wrong. It is about Shaun's own fears of abandonment. To me…that is such a big part of the issue…possibly as much if not more than being autistic. We have seen how his recent rejection by his father also renewed his fears that even Dr. Glassman would reject him. While being autistic might make his anxiety stronger as he knows he cannot read people as well…the acute fear that he is not lovable and that people will all abandon him seems to come up in little expressions throughout the entire show. Even when he found a foster parent who liked him…he lost her to cancer. When he reconnected with his father and thought his father was going to try to apologize for the past…so many hurtful, nasty words were said – shaking his sense of being worthy yet again. Nevermind the bullying, or general issues with understanding neurotypical people…Shaun has experienced far more emotional trauma than many on the spectrum and I think even if he was not on the spectrum he would likely be anxious. Part of me wonders if he is refusing to hold hands or do with Carly what he seems to do much more easily with Lea….because Lea has already established that she has no expectations. That Shaun is welcome in her life without anything required. He does not have to hug her. He does not have to be her boyfriend. She does not let him use his autism to avoid responsibilities but also is sensitive to the fact that some things are harder and just wants to encourage him to try, without pushing. So she sort of reduces his sense of impending abandonment. Heck…she even left and came back which probably – as hard as it was at the time for him – helped him feel more grounded around her…as no one else really left him for an extended time then re-entered his life again and resumed their friendship. And she also does not seem so serious. Carly is very compassionate…but serious and often looks quite sad when discussing her relationship with Shaun. Lea seems more "whatever happens, happens" with a sort of laid back attitude that probably makes Shaun feel less awkward because he does not have to worry offer offending her or saying the right thing… Lea just seems to put him at greater ease.

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