Sh!t My Grunt Says: Fracture IMC

The Militia are using our fuel rigs. They’re either desperate or stupid. Or both. Inside of these houses look like they all left in a hurry. When the IMC offers you a crapload of money, you either take it, or take a bullet in the head. The Militia are ambushing from inside the houses! Return fire! Close in! Close in! Don’t get caught in the crossfire! You know, I’d rather blow out the fuel tanks than hand them over to the Militia! Waste of fuel! I’d rather blow up the Militia! After we’re done with the Militia here, these houses will be the only thing left standing! Why wait?! Hell, I just say burn the whole bloody place down! Looks like the Militia figured out a way to siphon fuel directly into their largest ships. Do you see that ship above the cliff? Yeah. You need at least a few turrets to put a dent in a ship that size! Militia’s light on fire cover, these guys are crazy! Roger that! Our Phantoms are gonna rip them apart! Hey Sarge, you check out these houses? The civvies in here must’ve been loaded! Roger that! If there’s loot to split we’ll do it after we take care of the Militia! Militia’s got to be desperate for fuel, bringing this many ships with civvies on board into a warzone! You sure they’re civvies? Just because they don’t wear a uniform don’t mean they’re civvies! This is the old Eastern Lex Community. ‘Bunch of rich geezers who struck gold. I thought they struck oil, you’re talking like gold is still worth something. Well, it used to be, it’s just a figure of speech now. I had an uncle who lived in this community. What did he do? Invent the jumpkit propulsion unit or something? Yeah, actually he did! Good guess! There’s a lot of pipes all over the place. No one lives here anymore, so organization doesn’t really matter. Organization always matters. Without it, everything could fall. You’re that guy who always had his pencils presharpened aren’t you? This place is full of broken telephone poles and scrap metal. Those are pipes, not telephone poles. It’s for the fuel rigs. Whatever. Those ships are jumping in here quick. The Militia need to refill. Looks like they’re bringing their entire fleet. Good. Let’s just end this all now. Ah. If I had a Titan, I’d jump up to that ship and take it out myself! I don’t think Titans can jump, mate. They will when I’m in one! There’s gotta be enough fuel in this place to run Angel City for a year! Yeah, that’ll power the whole Militia fleet alright. Heh, not gonna’ let that happen! Alright boys, lets give the Militia all we’ve got. Remember your tactical training! Two-One-Eagle-Six, pincer movement. Keep your eyes on those pipes! They provide decent coverage for the Militia! A fuel rig exploded when I was in the Battle of Orpheus. Took out half our dropships! Are you taking a piss? Did you at least get a shot off? Three-hundred rounds before we got pulled back to central command! Hell of a day. Shock tactics Gamma-4, I want soldiers on those roofs now! These terrorists have got to be on their very last breath! Then let’s not let ’em take it! Remember, those fuel tanks are the Militia’s last chance to fuel up. There ain’t another fuel station for at least three jumps! Then they’re trapped, as good as dead. I say we cop ’em all. All this fracked ground’s unstable! Watch your step out there! No shit, this place is about to fall apart! Copy that, the sooner we’re off this rock, the better! Do you think this place is stable, with all this fracturing going on? Look around and take a guess. Wouldn’t take much to make this place fall apart. Great. I knew I should’ve joined the Air Force. These Militia guys are nuts. They’re gonna take heavy losses for sure, charging into gas fields like this. Graves has been chasing the Militia fleet for weeks! They’re probably almost out of jump fuel! Yeah, they’re gonna be down to the wire, big time! *pant* I’ve never seen them fight this hard for anything before! Whoever was living here before, they had major money to burn! Yeah, not a lot of common sense. Who the hell builds a city on a fuel reserve? Mate, if that thing goes down, if Bish or Sarah are onboard… Yeah, no kidding. This place is a lot like Earth, eh? No wonder the settlers moved here. Yeah, except the air is breathable around here. You been to Earth lately? Nah, Gridiron born and raised. Never seen Earth except in pictures. Must’ve been some old pictures. You see all those ships out there? They got to be running on fumes to pull a stunt like this. That also means they’re bringing their best. We might even get a shot at their top brass, keep your fingers crossed. Good, I owe that Bish guy a bullet to the head! Roger that. Hey! Is the “Red Eye” up there? Don’t waste your ammo shooting it. You won’t even scratch it. Leave it to the surface-to-air guns. Mate, if that thing goes down, if Bish or Sarah are onboard… It would be a hell of a win for the Vice Admiral!

16 thoughts on “Sh!t My Grunt Says: Fracture IMC”

  1. Thanks, I've been looking for a video like this for a month. For a game about big-ass fighting robots, the minutiae is what really makes TITANFALL shine. Also, you have the honor of being the first person who I've ever informed, "YOU HAVE JUST EARNED YOURSELF A SUBSCRIBER!!!" I look forward to more.
    Sean Welch

  2. Did that guy say he's from "Gridiron"? The map for Rise? Huh, guess the Titanfall Wikia doesn't just make stuff up…

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