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hello again guys Audi here from the
basement barber in Brisbane today we’re going to be going through a
skin fade a mid skin fade we’re going to be doing a little bit trim at the end
but not really going into depth about it we would do another video for you guys
shortly we’re going to be using while seniors wahl foil shavers wahl magic
clips with a ceramic blade and andis pro li trimmers there’s a few little still
shots in there just to see how we go through the steps of fade so hope you
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again guys enjoy so welcome to another video this is our
skin page basics video as you can see this dude hasn’t had his hair cut in a
while it’s actually my brother so what we’re going to do is we’re gonna wet his
hair down first and we’re gonna and we’re going to comb it and then blow-dry
it so that it’s sitting natural so that there’s no hat hair and this is really
good for people who are in the shop we come in with really overgrown hair and
do really really like need a resale you want to make sure that it’s wet down
prop and dry it in the correct way just so that the hair sits naturally so that
you can really give your customer the best haircut possible so we’re going to
start off with our three on top start in the middle on the top work away from the
forehead to the crown and then we’re just going to take as much off as
possible as fast as possible because this is quite an easy step and you don’t
want to take too long on this come back vertically first and then go forwards
and then we’re going to come across the head from right to left and then left to
right I’m using my wall seniors here and with the premium guard so we’re just
going back and forth the next step
got our wild Detailers here and we’re just going to put that zero line in
first we’re going to start from the temple we’re going to work our way back
to the occipital bone we’re gonna make sure that line is nice and straight
straight but not dead straight we’re gonna make sure that it’s a clean line
we’re gonna make sure that it’s curved it’s got a nice little curve on it and
it’s going to come all the way back to the back of the head we’re gonna take
all of that length off underneath make sure you’ve got a fade brush close
by when you’re doing a fade if there’s a lot of hair left on the head when you’re
doing a fade all the little bits all the little like tiny tiny hairs can really
play a big part you want to make sure that they’re not sweating too much
you’re interviewing a good lighting environment you’ve got heaps of light
you’ve got to hear some natural light all these little bits and pieces can
help your haircut be ten times better so now on the other side same again
start from the temple just under that arch there work your way back to the
back of the head make sure that lines nice and straight and then start
removing the bulk you might not always get it right all the time I’ve been
doing this for most ten years now and you know sometimes it’s always not good
it’s always not perfect the first time this is why I like to do my left side
first and my right side and then do the middle at the back if you’ve got your if
you’ve got your high trial and your left them height right on the right then your
your middle will come together nicely again blow-dry all that hair off make
sure that there’s no hairs that make sure that it’s a nice and clean canvas
that you’re working with so as you can see it’s a nice curve a nice arch it’s
got a nice little curve at the back as well same on the other side nice and
consistent now we’re on to our next step we’ve got our foil shavers what I like
to do is like to go all the way up to the line and if you go as close as
possible once you’ve done once you’ve gone all
the way up to that that first guideline then you can go on remove your bolt as
you can see how much of a difference the foil shavers make on the left side you
can see that it’s a true it’s true skin like there is no little black dots
anywhere whereas on the side that we haven’t done it’s still heaps of little
black dots so go to the other side and we’ll get those off and then we’ll go on
to the next step what I like to do with the foils is you kind of come in and you
kind of hit hit the line but drop your butt drop the foil down like just as
you’re hitting the line you don’t want to come in with too much pressure but
you don’t want to come in with not enough pressure a lot of people like to
do their fades first and then get rid of all the bulk underneath but for me it’s
a visual thing and if you can see visually like how it’s going like start
to finish like I think my result is better the way up that I’ve done it now
where we’re going in with the open clip are basically a half guard but we’re not
using a half guard I like to do this part quite fast
faster you do what I feel the less the less room for air right you make
yourself it’s not an easy technique but you just need to give it a go and then
you really you really like you know make yourself aware that like or well like
this is actually not that hard as we stop here we can kind of see how how
it’s starting to transition from the skin to the zero into that line that we
put in as well as what we’ve just taken out at the top so we’re slowly like
closing our clip off each pass we do we’re going down and leaver so we’re
pushing it up I we’re technically like bringing the clip up down and down and
down you now you can see that that that hard line
is just about gone there’s still a little bit little bits of pieces in
there that we’re just we’re just getting out but as we go through the steps you
want to make sure that it’s 99% finished and then you can come back to it at the
end so you can see now that that that half
that that bulk is now removed now we’re on to our to guard so we’re going to go
through we’re just going to go underneath that Ridge at the top there
we’re just going to flick it out I usually only take about four four passes
on each clipper when it comes to a guard so then now we’re on to our
one-and-a-half done our four passes down onto the next guard try not to waste any
time we start with the one and a half open and then we work down to closed the
fade is almost like a rainbow like you want to see that like those nice colors
just transition into the next same as the fade you just want to see it go dark
all the way down to light so now we’ve got our one guard we’re gonna start open
open one we’ve still got a little bit of heaviness through there
we use our open one and you just start flicking that out and going through that
heavy part in the middle of the fade not fade related but I really struggled
trying to fix this rolling shutter on this video really hope that we can fix
it next time now we’ve finished with the one guard we
went from open down to closed and we didn’t actually need to use the half
guard on this side and just before we go over over to the next side we’re just
going to line him up just down the bottom here and then if you feel like it use your
trimmers just to hit any little like odd little hairs you can see in the fade
there onto the left side now again open clip
our wild magic clips probably one of the best Clippers I’ve ever used for fading
it’s got a ceramic blade on it at the moment and they are amazing super sharp
no issues always consistent doesn’t pull on the hair so go and take all that bulk
out first and then we’ll get onto the next step speed it up now so starting to close the
clip off don’t be afraid to turn turn your
clients heads don’t be afraid to tilt them side to side sometimes the lighting
can make it harder so try and try make sure that they are on the right spot
when you are doing certain parts of their haircut don’t be afraid to turn
the chair around so nice and easy heavy lines already gone and then on to the
next step again number two open number two start at the top of that heaviness
and then slowly work your way down on the second pass now the leaver just
closed a little bit close it a little bit more brush brush brush make sure
you’ve got that frayed brush still using it one and a half guard now past one
plus two plus three plus four heavy line still number one
open open number one nice and easy flicking it out try to stay in your
range when you’re doing your fade you don’t need to flick out as high as the
last guard that you did as you can see I’m only staying in that little area
where I need to be it would just about almost closed now almost fully closed
almost almost finished now the end is CRO li trimmers super
sharp they only need to be zero gap a tiniest bit from when you buy them
brand-new but they are so good never had an issue with them touch would never
drop them touch wood and again just with three little teeth on the side of your
trimmers you can just like hit those little little little little hairs just
at the bottom instead of using all all the teeth just use a tiny few little
teeth then you just go back and forth and just hit any little hairs that might
not have they might be making the fade look a little bit off another technique
it’s not really bashing it with the thinnest but it is kind of using your
thinners in a different way you’re only really using a few little teeth here but
you are going deep it into the top of the fade and you are just hitting out
any of those really heavy spots sometimes you get clients with have that
sometimes you’ll get clients that have really good heads and you just mean
Clippers sometimes you want to go a little bit further and you want to use
your thinners or you want to use your shears and you just want to hit any
little dark spots whatever works for you just make sure
that you do it really well so on to the back now back to the number two open
number two down to a close number two and then open number one and a half down
to a close one and a half guard back down to the open one now a little bit of a camera shuffle make
sure that that angles right in the lighting spoon sometimes the back of the head can be
one of the hardest parts to do if you’ve never cut someone’s hair before they may
have a lot of bumps a lot of bones in their head they might have tight skin
they might have a loose skin all of this plays a part in your favor if you do a
fade and it’s and it’s on it’s on one of those bones you can kind of make it look
like your fade kind of has like a bit of a I don’t know like a hump in it sometimes you know the next the next
time that you go and do that haircut and you might want to do it a little bit
lower a good thing to do sometimes is when you do your consultation touch
their head and kind of feel where those bumps are feel what their skin is like
if their skin super loose you’re not going to work you’re not going to want
to work too fast with the Clippers you’re gonna want to work a little bit
slower if their skin is super tight it’s gonna be a lot easier for you I feel and
as well as like the hair density as well if the hair density is quite heavy
they’ve got a lot of hair it’s gonna be a lot easier to do a fade if you’ve got
if you’ve got a client that’s got quite thin hair or it’s not quite dense you
might have to do a lower fade and stretch it out a little bit longer so
that it does look like what they’re asking for so that’s just about finished
now go back in with the trimmers hit any little hard spots that you can
see you know you might not take a photo of every haircut but I believe that you
know if you’re charging good money for your hair services if you’re charging
top dollar for your service make sure that you know your haircut is really
really good it is eight hundred and ten percent the best haircut that you have
ever given them every day all day the best feeling is doing a good haircut for
your client getting a new client the next day and they came in because they
just saw how good their haircut was you know they might have been in the shops
or they might have been at the gym and they just asked you know your haircuts
so nice like where did you get it from you know that is like the most rewarding
thing that you can do so just check checking the fade now making sure that
it looks good in the light there’s no dark spots where they don’t
need to be I don’t like to really do straight straight lines I don’t really
like to do too many straight fades I’ve always no matter how hard I try it
always seem to just curve it a little bit what do you guys think if you like
it post a comment so coming up now lining
him up up the front start in the middle work your way to the left then work your
way to the right my brother he doesn’t really like it too
too crazy just we’re just we’re just doing like a natural line up here I’m
not not trying to make it too Chris if you have never lined a new client up
before just do it do it nice and easy the first time if they like it take it
back a little bit more they don’t like it unlucky but it’s always best to just
do a little bit at a time take a little bit off each time ask them if they like
if they say take it back a little bit more you know
you won’t fail make sure that you show your clients that you really do care you
know like take it back ask them how it looks it looks good
sweet if it doesn’t keep going I did want to do a beard trim in this video
but I did run out of time filming it so I just did really do it quite quickly you basically do your fade but you do it
back to front you still do your same guards but then you’re working up to the
line so you do your two then you one and a half then your one and then you get
back to that line there and then you’re just using your open clipart and then
you’re kind of closing it opening and closing it just trying to make sure that
there’s no real heavy line there once you’ve done that I like to line up the
cheek once again my brothers don’t like it too heavy doesn’t like it too crisp
so we just kind of do it a little bit natural I usually try and take as much
hair off as possible with the trimmers and then with the razor it’s just really
just taking it down as low as possible Loni mop out the back there as well make
a nice straight line you’ll probably see him in more videos
you probably see him in different haircut videos as well but he’s always
he’s always eager for for another haircut it’s always are you gonna try
out new things and as you can see in the photos it’s quite it’s quite consistent
it’s quite good if you like the video if you like if you like how we teach if you
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get from you guys the more videos we’ll try and make

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