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In the small mountain town of South Park,
Colorado, the New Kid, known only as Douchebag, assembled a group of fighters, thieves, mages and Jews and saved the town from a Nazi Zombie Virus. Terrified of its awesome power, the group
then threw the Stick of Truth into Stark’s Pond and decided to play something else. Meanwhile, in cinemas across the country superhero franchises were turning billion dollar profits. To cash in on the trend, Eric Cartman, in
vigilante guise as The Coon assembled the young heroes of South Park in his basement to start a Three-Phase cinematic universe. His plans are thwarted by none other than
Professor Chaos and his army of fake news journalists, and because adults can’t distinguish
what’s real and what’s totally made up, both the town and Cartman’s investors actually
believe Coon and Friends do the things they’re accused of doing. Coon and Friends eventually restore their
reputation by spreading fake news about Mark Zuckerberg, forcing him to take down Facebook. Now all that’s left is to kickstart their
cinematic universe with Netflix because they’ll greenlight anything! Unfortunately, the boys couldn’t agree on
who would get their own films so Mysterion, Tupperware, Wonder Tweek and Toolshed left to create a competing cinematic universe as The Freedom Pals. Launched straight into a Phase 3 Superhero
Civil War, it’s up to you, the new kid, to harness your farts and infiltrate The
Freedom Pals. Have fun!

38 thoughts on “SOUTH PARK: Fractured But Whole | LORE in a Minute! | Coon & Friends | Freedom Pals”

  1. Do fortnite. I realised that most the population vanished when the storm appeared and there were a lot of husk. Why is this important? Because the husk are wearing human clothes and have a human face pealed to the back of there heads. I think that the storm turned most of the humans in to husk or they where disguised as humans. The storm turning humans into husk is more believable but how did it turn humans into husk? I believe maybe the lightning or there was some kind of infection that turned them into husk but that brings another question. Why are there humans who didn't get infected? Maybe because there's humans that are immune or maybe I'm just over analysing.

  2. To be honest, TFBH looks like an short expansion for TSOT. It has many missing features including ManBearPig – Al Gore. Thought they'd add him again in TFBH, he's been always super cereal.
    Obsidian did it better with TSOT. I wouldn't buy TFBH for full price, deserves to be between 20-30$.

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