Splinting Lower Leg Fracture

Now we are going to splint a tib/fib fracture,
which is a lower leg. First thing we are going to do is check for pulse, movement wiggle
your toes and sensation can you feel my touching? Which toe? Next thing I’m going to do is I’m
going to put all my triangular bandages into place first, if you go underneath your patients
knee everybody has a little spot where you can slide this underneath there get it where
you need it to go so that you can minimize how much you need to move your patients lower
leg and decreasing their pain. I like to make sure it’s really secure so I like to use a
fair amount of triangle bandages. Alright now that we have that in place now we are
going to use our padded board splints and we are going to use the medium size again
because our patient’s leg is shorter. If we had a 7 foot patient we would obviously need
to use the large board splint. I’m going to apply these to either side, this one that’s
going to go on the inner part of the leg you may need to pad just for comfort for you patient.
Now I’m just going to tie these off, if I were to tie this on my patient I would need
to pad underneath the knots. This one I’m just going to tie on the other side so it’s
not uncomfortable for the patient. Once I have those in place I’m going to check my
pulse again, ma’am can you wiggle your toes? Which toe am I touching? And we are done.

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