Suffered a Fracture in a Car Accident in NY? You can Bring a Lawsuit – Attorney Jonathan Macri

Did you know that if you’ve been in a car
accident in New York and you’ve suffered a fracture as a result of that car accident,
that you’ve met the threshold for bringing a lawsuit here in this state. Hi. My name
is Jonathan Macri and I’m an attorney here with Parker Waichman. Now, I just used the
word “threshold.” Let me tell you what threshold means and what significance it has
in the legal field when you’re talking specifically about car accidents. In New York, there’s
a very specific set of laws that have to do with people that are allowed to receive compensation
for their injuries as a result of car accidents that they’ve been in. Now they’re a very
specific set of standards that a person has to meet when you’re talking about the types
of injuries that they have that will allow them to, again, get compensation for injuries
in a car accident. Now one of the types of injuries that you can have that counts as
a threshold injury is very, very simple and that’s if you have a fracture. Now a fracture
to someone who’s not in the medical field simply means a broken bone. And a lot of people
are confused about whether or not a certain type of bone needs to be broken in a car accident
to meet this threshold. But I can tell you, because I deal with these types of cases every
day, that any fracture whatsoever that has suffered as a result of a motor vehicle accident
means that that person automatically meets threshold and that their injury is considered
what’s called a threshold injury. Now there are other things that go into making a case
successful. But if you’ve been in a car accident – and since you’re watching this
video, you likely have been – and you have suffered a fracture, here’s what I want
you to do. I’d like you to give me a call. I deal with car accident cases every day and
a lot of those cases feature plaintiffs (my clients) who have suffered fractures as a
result of those motor vehicle accidents. You can reach me at the number below and I’ll
be happy to talk to you and answer any questions that you might have. Thank you very much for

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