74 thoughts on “Super Tuesday 2020 updates and results (FULL LIVE STREAM)”

  1. Discuss with my fiance mr putin russia because usa so cheating on us 9999999999999999999.9999999999999999999999999999999999 cheating on me n my fiance mr putin .

  2. I don’t think the Democrats has any chance to win the national election in 2020 if Sanders lose this round of election.

  3. It just amazes me that now Democrats believe that socialism is being friendly….
    Wake up!
    DT 20 ❤️ 20 🇺🇸

  4. It really doesn't matter who wins the nomination from a Demo party, as trump will take him/her down in the landslide victory. Personally, I'm cheering for Boris Ivanovich Sanderovsky to win. Just wanna see the debate Trump vs. "back in the USSR". It'll be the best show for many years to come!!!!

  5. Only Joe Biden will beat impeached Trump. Trump is scared to death of Joe Biden. Go Smoking hot Joe Biden Go! Woohoo!

  6. This farce may call money free speech, but money cannot click on like or dislike nor be hung from a gallows for treason.

    Washington Post sounds like a corporate establishment fan club and not an impartial news source.
    Half of their viewers do not approve of their coverage.

  7. Your bias is showing: in the thumbnail you portray Biden, Bloomberg Warren as normal people, but Sanders' head is tilted like a creep. 🤦‍♂️

  8. If you want food stamps and middle class falling to food stamp class ,, easier welfare hey then DEMORATS yo man. NOW I believe in helping our needy people, BUT SOCIALISM I THINK IS A TRAP BEING LAID BY RICH WELL TO DO RULERS , better get smart people hey if I could I'd vote for JESUS but it's not happening , Dems hate Trump cause he shook up there political ways , when the politicians cried I knew then we had a good man for POTUS.

  9. Just caught the DemonRats red-handed vote flipping in Texas. If they do it now, they will do it in November. Capture the picture of my spreadsheet and the tally. Pete Buttgieg went from 80,920 down to 80,347 – Amy Klobuchar went from 42,317 down to 41,836 – Julian Castro went from 14,418 down to 14,314 and Tom Steyer went from 12,784 down to 12,766.

  10. Warren and others stopping Bernie by taking votes from his cause will cause Trump 2020. Weren't you paying attention 4 years ago?

  11. So essentially Warren costed Bernie Super Tuesday. She has fallen so much from grace. From talking about 'why run for presidential election if you don't plan to do something huge' to just sticking in campaign split progressive vote. It's just petty now. If she really believes in liberal progressive ideology, as she claims to be, it's high time she drops out and support Bernie. Like establishment centrists have already done for status quoist Biden. For crying out loud she came THIRD in her home state.
    If Biden becomes Democratic nominee we all know he is gonna lose to Trump. This experiment has already failed with stronger establishment candidate in 2016.
    Progressive liberals and next generation American will never forgive Elizabeth Warren for that.

  12. Ffs America really ? A senile man who is just clinging to Obama's game when you could go for Bernie ? You really need mental health covered by insurance

  13. This is like voting for the cast of Gilligans island…
    Minus the funny, attractive and intelligent characters..

  14. Bernie was thrown out of a hippy commune back in the 60s. The hippy said he was worthless and wanted to sleep and read poetry instead of working at the commune . That is messed up when a bunch of hippies know you are worthless.

  15. Frankie Flannery shut up it’s not free college he just says that to try to get all the young people to vote for him there is not free college it’s another democratic lie

  16. Jump on the Trump Train. Help us take back our Country. The left is for government takeover. Why would anyone stand with temporary public servants trying to con you into slavery. We're a Free people. Lets stay that way. Vote Red!! Vote Trump!🔔🇺🇸

  17. Biden is running on the sympathy vote and lies. Bernie is running on policies that will make lives so much better. What is wrong with people??? Biden is not winning – the DNC is. They really, really don't want to pay their fair share of taxes.

  18. Aw the sound of thousands of pretentious jackasses who got scammed into taking loans in the tens of thousands of dollars for degrees with little to no value in the job market realizing they're paying them back is a beautiful symphony tonight.

  19. If the Russians can screw up the vote counting on 3 Nov 2020, they will dictate who will be elected president. Everything else before that cyberattack is totally meaningless. US intelligence is not smart enough to prevent that cheating. Deep tragedy that the Republic can be destroyed by the enemies of democracy.

  20. The Greedy Rich scheming thieving bastard's are rigging the elections again for the Thug's Republicans party and for Prick corporate Democrat Joe Biden
    voters Fraud an purging voter's in Texas Again for thug's Republicans !

  21. “Super Tuesday” meaningless claptrap, ‘The Party” will decide who their Candidate will be, the voter is just there for window dressing. They sure don’t want the communist and logic, difficult to imagine in a democrat, must tell them Biden is well on the way to senility, they may go with him and if so his running mate is in reality going to be the President

  22. Warren needs to set aside her ego and arrogance and think about the people and her country. The politics of desperation is doing nobody any favours, least of all her. She needs to stand down.

  23. Regardless super tuesday result, there is the thing which is never changed is that jew can not be POTUS even Presidential candidate in history. This is the major reason Biden suddenly became front runner in democratic candidate race, although he had negative image after Trump impeachment rejection. White Anglo Saxon Protestant and Christian population in America support him for their hopes and restoration of American value instead of jewish socialist. The matter is that it will take decades to restore American soul as "Before Trump era", because Trump has collapsed and terminated United States as much as reconstruction impossibility. First and foremost, Biden leadership and foresight as President does not fulfill and conduct properly, Americans will be disappointed about Govt again and it will reflect Ukraine scandal reinvestigation.

  24. You Demo rats are screwed !!! Biden means a definite win for Trump. All of you politicians are crooks and liars anyway. I have no affiliation to any political party

  25. Washington Post Intro
    Sanders: We need the largest turn out to beat trump
    Bloomberg: If sanders is the candidate we will lose
    Warren: We will lose if we substitute Bloomberg for Trump
    Biden: Who can actually bring the party together

    Sanders was in first going into tonight, you have one negative point in your intro for Sanders from bloomberg, one negative for bloomberg from warren, and zero for Warren or Biden. Warren was so low she might as well drop out. Seriously guys be unbiased. This is practically embarrassing. It is not your job to tell us who we should vote for but inform us with enough unbiased information so we can vote for ourselves.

  26. I think you are right that Biden might have early setting in dementia. Not being mean but just seems to fit with some of his strange statements. Yes who knows what Elizabeth Warren is trying to prove? Probably been paid to stay in the race to split the vote as it would be odd for her to leave and endorse Biden.

  27. In 1964 many ‘establishment’ Republicans knew that if they nominated Barry Goldwater, he would be defeated by Lyndon Johnson for the Presidency of the United States, they did it anyway and he was defeated as predicted, however, that did not stop Mr. Goldwater from becoming the father of the modern conservative movement in America. And by extension, many ‘establishment’ Democrats think that if they nominated Bernie Sanders, he would be defeated in any Presidential election, however, that was a risk they were not willing to take, only because of the danger of a second term for this current American President would be just too toxic a risk to take, even if it would mean that Mr. Sanders would then become the father of the modern democratic socialist movement in America, that would have to wait for another more promising candidate at another point in time.

  28. BERNIE SANDERS IS A REBEL WITHOUT A CAUSE unless you view his cause from the communist point of view.
    To say that you are a Socialist Democrat is to say that you are just a little bit pregnant.
    There is no such thing as a Socialist Democrat.

    Sanders is a true Communist but he can't come out and say that.
    He has to disguise himself by infiltrating the Democrat party and saying that he is a Social Democrat.
    The Democrat party has let itself become infiltrated by these radicals which have cause it to become fractured to a point anarchy that they have earned the name The Gang That Can't Shoot Straight.

    The democrat party has to rid itself of these Socialist Communist and become the great party that it once was.
    The Socialist Communist should stop hiding in the Democrat party and show the world just who they really are.

    Never again should we allow a Communist like Bernie Sanders come so close to turning our Great Democracy to a Communist state.

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