Take Care Of This(ശ്രദ്ധിക്കേണ്ടത് )When Taking Vitamins A, D, E, K(Malayalam With English CC)

Hello Everyone, Welcome To Mind Body Tonic! And this is Dr Sita with you again. For our various bodily functions and activities to occur properly, Vitamins are very essential. There are many types of Vitamins- Vitamin A, B complex Vitamin C, D, E, K etc are all needed. Many of us have to take vitamins in the form of medicine, for some reason or the other, many a times. At times, we take resolution to take care of our health and try to include food rich in vitamins in our diet. However, many a times we dont take care of certain things. Or rather, we are not aware of them. Because of this, we may not get the full benefits of the vitamins we consume. I am going to talk about one of those things in this video. There are two classes of Vitamins These are fat soluble Vitamins The others are water soluble Vitamins. If we take fat soluble Vitamins either in the form of food or as tablets, in order to get the full benefit of the vitamin it must be taken along with a FATTY MEAL. Otherwise, our body doesn’t absorb these Vitamins properly. To help you understand this better, I will cite an example. Imagine you are eating Vitamin A rich foods like carrot or moringa leaves. If we take it along with just some rice, we won’t be able to absorb the vitamin as much as we had hoped to. If, along with that, we consume some coconut oil, home made ghee, or food rich in good healthy fat, we will be able to absorb the vitamin A from the carrot and leaves much more efficently. I hope that you all will take care of this from now onwards. Won’t you? Even when we take these vitamins in the form of medicines, we have to take care of this point. We have to take these vitamins along with a fatty meal or we can take it along with 3-4 almonds or walnuts or we can take half a tsp of coconut oil or home made ghee along with the vitamins. Please do share this knowledge with others. Please share this video link with others. Till I see you again with another video, wishing you and your family happiness, prosperity, good health and peace of mind.

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