The Australian Wildfires: a Moment that Matters Globally

We started Fracture to try to help make a difference for the planet. Over the past few weeks and months we’ve been tracking the devestation of the wildfires in Australia and it’s been truly heartbreaking to watch. Our mission as a company is to help the world focus on moments that matter for better or for worse. This is definitely a moment that matters on a global scale So far more than 17 million hectares of Australian land have burned since September which is equal to the size of the whole state of Florida. Over one billion animals have been killed or displaced including dozens of critically endangered species. We are raising money for the Bushfire Wildlife Emergency Fund run by Zoos Victoria. 100% of the funds will be going towards caring for injured animals and providing care for animals displaced by habitat loss. We’re fortunate and humbled to be in a position to try to make a difference. We’re asking I’m asking for you to consider doing the same thing. We are matching every donation made on our website up to $10,000. You can donate right now by heading to

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