The Fracture Analogy – Kurtaman

This is K-Man. K-Man was a very weak kid. One day, in a fight K-man broke his hand and leg and pretty much everything. The doctor plastered his limbs so that his bones could heal After around 50 months, K-man is all grown up and all his fractures are gone. Does he still need the plaster? Can he walk normally or become any stronger with the plaster on? Obviously not. Now, let us imagine that K-man is India after partition and the plasters were the reservations given to the few weaker parts so that they could just heal Do we still need them? Can we grow normally or become any stronger with them on? I think not. But that’s just what I think Might be completely wrong. Might not be. I am Kurtaman.

4 thoughts on “The Fracture Analogy – Kurtaman”

  1. Stop motions are really hard to make! Liked it! Ironically I used reservation 😐 Also I liked the voice of kurtaman.

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