The fractured Royal relationship: How Meghan Markle made Kate Middleton Cry?

The fractured royal relationship how Megan Markel made Kate Middleton cry in the drama-filled run-up to Megan’s wedding Kate was left in tears after an argument over bridesmaid princess Charlotte’s dress a new report claims Even the most modest wedding has a way of making its principal actors uncharacteristically uncompromising So one can only imagine the pressures Megan Markel Prince Harry and the wider royal family found themselves under as Harry and Megan’s wedding plans descended into chaos Unraveling as her father’s will he or won’t he dramatics up ended months of meticulous planning? now a new report in The Daily Telegraph claims that the apparent fracturing of the Relationship between Kate Middleton and Megan can’t be dated back to an argument over Bridesmaid dresses during the run-up to Megan and Harry’s wedding when Megan made an emotional Kate who had just given birth to Prince Lewis days before cry tension between the two Princesses has been widely said to be a factor in the announcement this weekend that Harry and Megan are moving out of the London compound Kensington Palace where William and Kate also live The Telegraph’s Camilla tomini a hugely respected Reporter who broke the news that Harry was dating Megan in the first place writes in The Daily Telegraph That Freud or between Megan and Cape goes back to the days before Harry and Megan’s wedding in May Domine says that The Telegraph has spoken to two separate sources who claim Kate was left in tears following a bridesmaids dress fitting for Princess, Charlotte Princess Charlotte Kate and William’s daughter had only just turned 3 at the time of the nuptials in Windsor Along with her then four-year-old brother George. She was one of the stars of the Royal Wedding to casual viewers it was all smiles on the big day, but it seems that behind the scenes there were violent pre-wedding disagreements an Insider tells, Tom Aney Kate had only just given birth to Prince Lewis and was feeling quite emotional The Telegraph says the incident happened around the time Megan was reported to have also upset the Queen by asking to wear an emerald tiara instead of the one offered by the 92 year old monarch Royal sources have been furiously seeking to dampen downs Dory’s have a rift at the heart of the Fab Four as the young royals are known Trying to make the case that Meghan and Harry are moving to Frogmore cottage near Windsor out of privacy and space concerns Tension between Meghan Markel and Kate Middleton could be behind Harry and Meghan’s move to the burbs The palace is desperate to stem a story that Harry and Meghan’s move away from William and Kate doesn’t represent a family rift but British newspapers smell blood in the water Tension between Meghan Markel and Kate Middleton could be behind the dramatic decision by Harry and Meghan to move out of London’s Kensington Palace where they would be living in the shadow of the future king and queen according to a new report a Source is quoted by The Daily Mail as saying Kate and Meghan are very different people They don’t really get on The official announcement this weekend that Harry and Megan are to move out of their home on the grounds of Kensington Palace Relocating 20 miles away to attend bedroom cottage in the Frogmore House estate Not far from Windsor Castle caught observers by surprise The Frogmore estate is the private possession of the family and the house is not inhabited It is used for official events and is open to the public only a few days each year Meaning Harry and Megan can enjoy a high degree of privacy living on the grounds It is expected that Megan’s mom Doria will live at their new home too as she is believed to have recently moved to the UK Palisades have sought to play down Speculation that a rift between Harry and William is to blame for the change and spin a line that Harry and Megan want to live At Frogmore because it holds a special place in their hearts as it is where their wedding reception earlier this year was held the media management team at the palace looks set to push back against stories that their respective wives have taken a disliking to each other an Inquiry by The Daily Beast Sunday night received a Kurt no comment from a duty press officer although official sources sought to pour cold water on the story by Emphasizing the quote in the Daily Mail about the princess is not getting on was unattributed The press are unlikely to be easily warned off this juicy tale However, which was dominating royal coverage this weekend eclipsing Harry’s solo tour to Zambia There are no shortage of clues on the public record as to how the style and attitude of Britain’s two most important princesses vary From their clothes to their interactions with media and the public the two are clearly light-years apart The Daily Beast has previously been told by sources that while Kate and her husband are hugely popular with their staff Megan can be brusque and has been dismayed by British levels of service Megan was said to have earned Harry of stern word from the Queen ahead of her wedding following a dispute about what tiara she could wear Harry is said to have raged at his staff what Megan wants Megan gets in the tense run-up to the nuptials however The family has been impressed by Megan’s extraordinary work ethic and the enthusiasm with which she has taken to the role since the announcement of her engagement including a 16 day tour of Australasia whilst pregnant which Contrasts to the difficulties courtiers have experienced over the years in getting Kate to participate Kate’s apparent reluctance to embrace her duties as enthusiastically as she might was recently demonstrated when she declined to be interviewed for a landmark Documentary about the Queen saying she was on maternity leave Sources have told The Daily Beast that it is only natural for the brothers and their wives to diverge and seek to distinguish themselves as they grow into and develop separate roles, and there has also been Speculation that the brothers may split their joint foundation sooner rather than later Williams destiny as king means that ultimately their paths must diverge but even in the first stage of that progression has Prince of Wales William will have a massive extra layer of Responsibility running the Duchy of Cornwall the vast private estate that holds hundreds of millions of pounds worth of investments in land It is always the personal property of the Prince of Wales as the heir to the throne is known Megan Markel and harry to move away from kate and wills unlikely ever to be best friends They are the Royal Family’s Fab Four But the Dukes and duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex plan to lead increasingly separate lives after Harry and Megan’s decision to move to Windsor Sources say the two couples who seemed so close when Harry and Megan got engaged a year ago are ready to take separate paths Although they will both retain offices at Kensington Palace The Sussex has moved to Frogmore which is due to be completed at an Undisclosed cost to the taxpayer before Megan gives birth to their first child in the spring comes amid claims of a growing coldness between Kate and her sister-in-law Kensington Palace officials have remained tight-lipped about that and a spate of stories about Megan proving difficult and demanding But others have said the two sisters-in-law spend little time together off duty. There has been no major fallout according to those who know the couple’s but just a realization that the two women are unlikely ever to be best friends a Year ago in their engagement interview Harry and Megan gushed about how welcoming William and Kate had been back, then Harry said and then William was longing to meet her and so was Catherine so you know being our neighbors we managed to get that in a couple of well quite a few times now and Catherine has been absolutely wonderful Megan interjected Amazing as has William as well Harry said friends have acknowledged that at 37 and 34 Megan and Harry want to spread their wings It’s not unusual to want to put a bit of distance between yourselves a source said palace officials have insisted Harry and Megan’s main reason for moving to the cottage on the 33 acre Frogmore estate in Windsor castles home park was their need for more space for when their baby arrives they have lived together a two-bedroom nottingham cottage in the palace grounds since their engagement in november last year and found there were no options available for them at Kensington Palace a royal compound once dubbed the ant heap by Edward the 7th or elsewhere on the royal estate in London There had been talk of them moving into 20 bedroom apartment one next door to William and Kate at Kensington Palace The apartments longtime occupants the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester Planned to move out next year and into the smaller old stables now their children have grown up But the timing proved unhelpful for Harry and Megan apartment one needs a major refurbishment and wouldn’t be ready in time a source said The palace has refused to say for now how much the taxpayer will have to fork out to make? Frogmore cottage fit for the sussex a–‘s that will appear in the sovereign grant report next summer in the usual way a spokeswoman said But when William and Kate announced they plan to move into their apartment officials did provide an estimate of four million pounds for the cost a figure that grew to 4.5 million pounds before they moved in in 2014 Like them Harry and Megan will pay for the interior decorating and soft furnishings But the taxpayer will cover the cost of the renovation Palace officials who were quick to point out that William and Kate would remain in their apartment until he becomes king have made no similar Commitment for Harry and Megan’s cottage saying only that it will be their official residence for the foreseeable future Previously a senior royal source has said Clarence House has been earmarked as a potential future home for Harry when his father becomes King Royal sources have denied reports that Frogmore cottage which stands close to the much larger Frogmore house where harry and megan has their evening wedding reception has 10 bedrooms It’s a fraction of that said one source But the couple’s office refused to say how many bedrooms it will have once the refurbishment is finished Royal sources have also firmly denied that Megan’s mother Doria Ragland plans to move to Britain and install herself at Frogmore Cottage she will be a regular visitor, but it is thought she plans to retain her home in Los Angeles

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  1. Kate knew this right at the beginning when she caught Megan messing around
    Megan will have the baby
    Harry won’t stay long with her
    Why does she keep her friends away
    Yes because she is frightened that they will say something that to do with her past
    We love Kate and William
    We love harry
    Not his wife

  2. Catherine crying happened right after the birth of her son. If you know anything about child birth you know the chemistry cjanges in the body make a woman very sensitive and emotional so get over it.
    Find real news.

  3. Dear Kate we understand your pain, it is not sorprize to us Hollywood's have to many personalities is naturally that's why actor's & actress's

  4. Megan & Harry = Wallis & Edward VIII. Obsessed husband abandons family & traditions. Meghan has been far too competitive employing private Social Media Teams for her personal PR! Why?

  5. Meghan Markle is a Narcissist who sees herself as a black, low rent, trailer trash version of Diana. She is a complete 'entitled' cunt and I give her a year before she is out: you can't dress pigs in silk😂

  6. I will hazard a guess that Meghan Markle's Dad has cried a few tears too. Funny, during the engagement interviewed she said she knew nothing of the Royal Family until she met Harry, yet her now ditched best friend says Princess Diana was Meghan's idol starting in childhood. Meghan's tale is unravelling. Dear gullible Harry.

  7. She is evil. She wants to be number 1 and will always hurt anyone in her way. She is nothing but drama. The devils child she is.


  9. The American black prostitute jumped on three year old Princess Charlotte and made a lot of nasty comments to the toddler. Fuck the American prostitute Me-gain. Nobody does that to a child. That reduced Catherine, who just delivered baby Louis to cry.. What kind of monsters are Americans? You breed psychopaths? No wonder Me-gain is a prostitute, a stripper, does porn movies, a yachter. Fuck dumbfuck harry for having his brains in his penis. Its a wonder Prince William restrained himself. If it had been me, there would hell on earth. God's Curses on Me-gain — Satan's whore.

  10. She should be happy,her intentions are successful,she never wanted Meghan there,so ,Meghan is moving out.Why fake tears miss Lazy

  11. Does anyone else find it weird that Megan Markle has to have her mother around so much? Most men would not appreciate that, especially the first years. Seems to me, Kate just put her adult shoes on, got married, did her royal duties and have children with William with style, grace and class. All with her family only visiting from time to time…

  12. Meghan is not a princess she is an actress, she gets along with no one , she is jealous Catherine will be Queen and Meghan will just stay the same

  13. Old Fake news, Fake news!😝. Harry and Megan have every right to move in to their own home to raise their family.👍🏽
    This Fake news is to sell papers!

  14. This is such bullshit Kate was instrumental in persuading harry to propose in the first place. The reason they're going to the country place is so they have more room and peace and can have her mother with them you are stating a situation like its fact we NEVER get facts about the family just rumour and besides Kate is nothing like shes being portrayed here leave them alone for gods sake they don't deserve this bull

  15. Why do you people pay attention to this bunch of lies. None of these sites knows anything about their lives. It is nothing but gossip.

  16. Why don’t the yanks get their own royal family? I am so sick of all the American reporting,
    regurgitating, giving their banal opinions on what they can’t possibly know. And is it really necessary
    to repeat every ‘fact’ 10 times, we the public are not quite so stupid.

  17. No competition for markle with her big head and hair extensions. Ski sloped nose, mostly airbrushed.kate is a natural beauty.

  18. New Live should be ASHAMED of Your Media Outlet, spreading lies. Meghan Markle is having a baby and you chose this time to print NEGATIVE Stories. I will be "Unsubscribing". Until you have Kate on video, telling her story. You are Disgusting people 🤬

  19. how did I know the papers were going to pin these two against each other! Why must it always be two women at eachothers throats?! This is ridiculous..Not everyone is going to get on or be best friends with one another when you have big family..but I think nothing is going on except the brothers have their own families now. They are grown and want to be with their own family. Why always make it like someone has to be better than the other. Both women are beautiful in their own ways..Yes. I believe they're different but both respect eachother.

  20. Shame on you people that believe this crap. Lies,lies,lies this is how they want to manipulate your thinking since most of you don't have one. How can you believe this nonsense? Then you have a problem. THINK

  21. Princess Charlotte is a beautiful baby and she carries herself with grace with only 3 years old. She can use whatever clothes she wears look beautiful on her. As I have noticed that Meghan is very pushy and she is becoming not likable. Kate is a very beautiful woman and is very humble. Love doesn’t last for ever and Meghan seems to be jealous of Duchess Kate. Meghan u can go back to the U.S. or Canada. Nobody likes a smartass like u… U r not British u r an outsider who has come to disrupt the peace of Duchess Kate and Duke William. U r a nightmare made reality…

  22. Either kindness of heart for this cafuffle the media shares , will folks consider both these young women are emotional because they are pregnant . The Queen does what she can because she knows how this feels . The are both beautiful moms to be , God Bless them both .

  23. Your'e beautiful Kate nd ur hair is beautiful.Hope u'll be a Queen one day when ur husband takes over throne.GB

  24. She was married 2times before.yet wore white in a church??she to vows before God 3times.guess vows mean nothing to her.kate is a beautiful women,megan a older selfish biach.

  25. Meghan is a poser & nothing else..
    I can 100% believe this story.
    Kate is a beautiful royal & always will be.
    Lets face it Meghan will never go anywhere within her royal status.. I love harry to bits.. Although i do believe he is James Hewwits son.. if that's the case she may aswell have married a man off the streets

  26. The straightforward, svelte and chic, no-nonsense d of s, meg, does not need to twin the d of c … who, more often than not frumpy in her dressing with bags under her eyes (no doubt due to 3 children in quick succession) …. also, the d of c has years of experience in palace politics …. that just makes them different, not bad people …. meg has done extraordinarily well in her royal duties, even in early first pregnancy …. some people could take inspiration from that …. stop painting meg as a villian, cut her some slack

  27. I don't find it unusual that they would want a place of their own after all they are Newlyweds and the press to play on a lot of nonsense making up stuff just to show just to sell papers yes Kate and Meghan are totally different people and they are probably very good friends but when starting a new life was your new hubby or wife you want to spread your wings you don't want to live under scrutiny Meghan and the last year has had to undergo a lot of talk and trash thrown at her without being able to defend or even speak out her family has stabbed her in the back and she cannot even address that I think she has handled it very very well the press can be very ugly but let's all keep in mind that it was the paparazzi that was the main reason for Diana's death and it is always going to be first and foremost and William and Harry's mind I am surprised that the British martik has kept quiet so long and not put a stop to the tabloids making up stuff I'm sure Queen Elizabeth would have plenty to say to them in a very ladylike way and they would not like it I find it refreshing that they are modernizing I just wish the tabloids would leave Meghan and Kate and Harry and William alone by talking about riffs in between them I guess it goes to say anything to sell paper whether it would be true or not I wonder how the tabloids would like it if they suddenly had to live in a fishbowl and everything that they did said in private was put in tabloids scrutinized by the British people and people around the world it would be good to give them a taste of their own medicine I'm pretty sure that the paparazzi if you poked around and their private lives would not like that at all and if you made up stories about them to sell papers it would upset them greatly but of course they would be able to have comebacks Kate and Meghan Harry and William they are the new face of the Royals and I have handled it very well by not reacting to the Press but if somebody turned the tables on the Press and the tabloids I would laugh my but off at it because it would show them that what goes around does come around so stay off of the Royals they've done nothing wrong just because I do not react to what you have to say shows that they are a hundred times better then the papers and the tabloids are they work like every other people give them some privacy leave them alone stop making up lies and hurting them think about it if it was one of your family members that the tablets were doing it too or to you how would you feel

  28. Globla control system is collapsing. The people are seeing through the oligarchs control over us all. Remember the royal family is called "The Firm". Maybe the royal have created Megan as the Protagonist to manipulate the public to be sympathetic to th Royal Family. Everyone is feeling sympathy for them and them having to deal with Megan and Camilla shenanigans. So when the shit hits the fan the public will be less likely to throw off the Royal Family control system that they have over the public. It is no surprise this Protaganist, Megan is an actress. I would not be surprised we are seeing a play designed to make the public not through off the Royal on to the binman trash heap. Just look at what is going one a Queen's estate at Frogmore is being rebuilt by taxpayers money. Then one the 21mbedroom apartment is free I am sure they will ask for that queen property to be rebuilt for Megan and Harry on the public dime. The Queen also gave Harry and Megan a vacation home that is being or has been rebuilt for them at the expense of the taxpayer. Why are the public paying for the Queen personally owned property to be rebuilt. Let's not forget Windsor had a fire the Queen does not buy fire and property insurance on any of her properties. The public was forced to pay for that rebuild. Buckingham place is said to be a heap as well not maintained it should have imsuspect a fire is coming to Buckingham to soon and yet again the public will pay. Lets not forget, the Queen's Sandringham Estate home has multiple large country houses of which she gave her husband one and rebuilt it and it is were he chooses to live out his retirement and entertain his guests. I suspect the main kind od castle on Sandringham needs to be redone as well as the castle in Scotland. I suspect a fire is coming to one of these castles soon. Lets not forget Kate and William got a Kensington Palace home and a country house on the Sandringham Estate rebuilt on taxpayers dime. All of the Queen's kids get a London Home and a vacation home redone on the taxpayers dime after they married. An all the Queen grandkids get a home as well when they marry. Then they all get royal appointments salaries and living expenses paid, full staffs for their homes and office, office space, security all kinds of travel expenses paid. The firm is huge and the expense is huge. But somehow no one is responsible for their own home's rebuild expenses and insurance and I can bet no property tax either. If the real cost to the British people were know the royal family would be ended. Megan is a psy-op to manipulate the British peoples loyalty with ever story being leaked. Just step back look is what is happening right before your eyes and then look at how the public is waking up to the global control system and take a look at the new control system they are trying to implement, the Paris accord and a global Carbon tax system to replace the failed banking system. The royal family have been at the hear of it. Remember the Royal Family has been dealing opium and heroin for hundreds of years, they are the hand behind the deep state. Prince Phillip took over th drug dealing business from his uncle Mountbatton. Queen Elizabeth I lead the opium wars in China forcing the opium from her Indian territories on to the Chinese because the Royal wanted tea, spices, fine silks and fine ceramics but they had no gold or silver to pay for the goods. Queen Elizabeth I barricaded their ports dumped large quantities of opium on the streets of China got them addicted and then they were forced to except opium in exchange for all China's luxury goods. Lets not forget, Queen Elizabeth I made a fortune on the slave trade as well. I find it crazy that Megan would hitch her wagon to the British royal family who's own ships may have sold her own relatives to slavery on cotton, coffee, tea and cacao plantations in the Caribbean and in America. Plantation her husband family owned. To think the money and the homes Megan now enjoys came from Queen Elizabeth I slavery proceeds is mindbogaling to me that she would want to be part of that family? It makes you question if it is all a maticuloiusly planned play as a psy-op against the British people. This play might just save the royal family. One might think, oh no they would not do that, wouldn't they? Even if it was going to save the lives of excessive luxury they all live and the lives they have only known? They have never done anything for themself, making a pot of coffee and cooking some eggs may be something they have never done. How about laundry, some don't drive and have no idea how to managed a checkbook and they don't even know what a budget is. They are helpless and useless some can not even get dresses without help. Can you imagine if all of it might go up in smoke and they have to make a living and care for themselfs and their family. That might be terrifying to them and yes I could see them do a psy-op to have their lifestyle survive.

  29. Every thing you hear from these tabloids, have to be taken with a grain of salt. If I remember correctly, right after Kate and Wills got married how much of a problem she was having, even to the extent that it was said that the refused to see the Queen of all people. I am sure everything will be fine. After all, Megan is not the first person of bi-racial decent to recently marry royalty, and she's not the first American Actress to marry a Prince and give up Hollywood jet set life. I am told Princess Grace of Monaco did just fine up until her tragic death in 1982

  30. Straightforward svelte and chic it is …. any other info is pure nasty speculation …. and if, thats an if, botox has aided megs chic, so be it …. others have used the same route and still remained puffy faced!
    So go for it d of s…. whatever works👍

  31. Megan is not royal material, Harry should have chosen wiser. Unfortunately Megan will not come up to Kate's standed, something definitively going on ,why would mama come to live with them, no it is not to assist with the new arrival, plenty of help as in aides, Kate never had her mamma living with them when her children came along.

  32. Kate is a hysterical woman. She is cold dog's muzzle. Kate looks like an old dry branch. Even such Camilla is more attractive than Kate.

  33. Who is Megan to make Princess Kate cry??? Who was she. Just because she is married to Prince Harry?? One day Prince Harry hopegully will realise who he is married to. Who she is..

  34. Harry beenhappythere for years Megan will feel and I won't meg, to move to have control more over Harry that no one sees

  35. She needs to pull back and not lead harrywhitch is clearly what's happening here it's in the UK face you can see it right through

  36. Stop saying they are a princess they are not… they are a Dutches by marriage only…. but if you asking l think Cate is way more royal and regal.
    Im sure Wills won't put up with his wife being pushed around…. Poor Harry you are going to live with your mother in law ahahahah

  37. I have been a seer all my life and worked by helping people genuinely and I am going to call this one= Her mother ends up leaving because she attends to the baby more then MM does because she needs her sleep, the other it will be about mental illness fatigue because she battles depression and Harry actually works but gone to long ( this is 8 hrs daily ) and his Royal Duties which take him abroad. Keep in mind where baby is, MM's mom = is not a nanny. Sad to say but this one is real. The real reason Kate cried is because MM made Kates and Williams baby girl cry by snapping being hard and yelling at her cry. First clue = Who takes it upon themselves to dictate order or belittle another because of their job. Karma is very real and so is God all is seen by the most high. Ultimately one needs to regroup her actions are transparent. She is how old wedding jitters or not she is 3 years old I would have told her to leave or I would have left right then but Kate loves her man and her children and the queen……… Just saying a negative Leo it's all about her

  38. This news is so Fake! When M&H made thier announcement to leave for Frogmore Cemetery because they were given the 22 room next to Kate and when Kate was said to have just given birth to Louie and she has nannies to help. Kate is mad 😠😠 she can no longer have dinner alone with Harry. She has fallen in love with Harry and that is why he was looking for a woman and boom got married! Kate now regrets it because she lost Harry. That's my take.

  39. meghan is nasty greedy badly educated selfish golddigger without any dignity
    she is and will be shame of whole royal family

  40. Kate is a wonderful women. Meghan shouldn’t even hold the title of being in the Royal family. She shouldn’t even have the Royal last name. She will absolutely tear that entire family apart. I will personally beg the queen to please get rid of her. It’s heart breaking that she entered the family because of who she is.

  41. Carrie williams why do yous always play the racist card, I have my opinion and yous have yours , is that the only way yous can answer. It would be a terrible world if everyone had the same opinion. She is a manipulator , she is the last one I would be jealous of, so I don't give two f.. Wat ppl think. Some ppl don't see Wat other ppl see. She certainly is no prize with her back ground,

  42. It is so obvious that Kate is Jealous of Megan because Megan is an elite, hardworking ,beautiful, positive and intelligent. Although it is no one's fault of being mediocre and lazy as Kate, but being jealous and slandering and snubbing someone who is better is sin. i am amazed how people are self-deceiving and lie becomes truth.




    TODAY IS 5/23/19.

    MUD .

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