The Importance of Calcium for Adolescents

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♪♪. Good morning. My name is Lauren
Rusk, and I’m a graduate student at Eastern Illinois University. Today I’ll be talking about
calcium and its importance for adolescents. The majority of bone mass is
actually built during adolescent years and you peak around your
mid-twenties, so you need all the bone mass possible for the
rest of your life in case you need it and to help prevent
osteoporosis later in life. A reason why calcium is also
very important is for teeth health. Also blood clotting and
for your muscle health and nerve activity. The recommendation for calcium
consumption is 1000 milligrams. And I’ll show you on a nutrition
facts label how to read your calcium. So here is your nutrition facts
label and if you go down the side, you find calcium and it
says this particular one is 10%. And an easy way to figure out
how many milligrams that is by adding a zero and then that’s
your milligrams. So this has 10% calcium which is
actually 100 milligrams, so you need 900 milligrams for the
rest of the day to meet your calcium requirement. Foods that have calcium in it
are your dairy groups. Things such as milk and yogurt
and cheeses are very good sources of calcium. Some other foods are green
vegetables like broccoli or kale, or even turnips are great
options for calcium-high foods. Also fortified foods are great
sources of calcium. They put calcium in the cereal
to give children a high amount of calcium early on in the day
so they can meet their requirements and build those
strong healthy bones. And juices also are fortified
with calcium to give that little extra boost. Some other foods with calcium
are dried beans and even soy. Soy is an excellent choice for
people who are lactose intolerant or even
vegetarians, who do not consume dairy products. So I suggest possibly using a
supplement if you do not get enough calcium in the day. Viactiv is an example of a chew
that gives you 50% of your calcium for the entire day. It comes in caramel, milk
chocolate, raspberry–very tasty and you’re getting your calcium
to build those strong healthy bones during adolescence. I do suggest you consult
a physician before you make this a daily regiment. The last area I’m going to talk
about is vitamin D. Vitamin D is a hormone that
helps the body absorb calcium, which builds those strong
healthy bones. Vitamin D can be found from
the sun and also from fortified foods. Normally dairy products are
already fortified with vitamin D because calcium is already in
it. You can find vitamin D also in
such foods as eggs, fish such as salmon, and mushrooms. And those are all great sources. Now today we learned about
vitamin D and its relation to calcium and why calcium is so
important for bone health among adolescents. For further information about
calcium and vitamin D or bone health, please visit Thank you. ♪ [music playing–no dialogue]

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