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>>[Background Music] The wait is over. Exploring
surgical weight loss on ABC 27 is brought to you by Penn State Milton S. Hershey Medical
Center.>>Debra Pinkerton: Welcome back. You still
have a few minutes to get your questions in. Email your questions to [email protected],
or you can call here. You can see everyone is busy answering your calls. They’re making
appointments. They want to know more about the surgical weight loss. The number to call
is 717-346-3333. And to answer another one of our viewer questions, Jackie joins us.
“A few years ago, I became a vegetarian, and I’ve lost some weight, but I still weigh over
400 pounds. Since protein is an important part of the diet after weight loss surgery,
is there a way for me to get the surgery but still remain a vegetarian?”>>Jackie: Yes. There are many ways that you
can get adequate protein without having to eat meat. If you’re a vegetarian that drinks
milk and eats eggs, it’s actually very easy to put a plan together. If you’re vegan, we’ll
have to work a little harder, but we could design one based on soy proteins. We actually
have many patients in our programs who need a special dietary modification, whether that’s
for medical reasons, religious reasons — we’re usually able to accommodate them.>>Debra: Okay, great, Jackie. Thanks so much
for answering our viewer questions tonight. And we do want to thank all of the specialists
here for answering your questions. Once again, the phone lines will remain open until 8 o’clock.
Back to you, Chuck.>>Chuck: Thank you, Debra. No surprise a
lot of phone calls coming in there, too. Doctor, earlier, we talked about an older age limit.
I’m out of that bracket. What about young people? Is there a cut off, where you say,
you’re too young for this kind of surgery?>>Dr. Rogers [assumed spelling]: There are
people that are too young. I’ve read reports of somebody doing a gastric bypass on a six-year-old.
And that’s inappropriate. The national guidelines recommend that patients be 18, but there are
a number of centers now that are offering weight loss surgery to younger teens. And
we’re going to be opening the doors to that as well, probably to 16- and 17-year-olds.>>Chuck: Now, what would be the risk for
a teenager? Teenagers, maybe, aren’t the most reliable for following up on medicines and
so on. What — regarding this, how would that play out?>>Dr. Rogers: The good news is that, since
they’re teens, they’re a little bit younger, and sometimes healthier, than our older patients.
I think, probably, it’s lifestyle issues. Teens may be less likely to take their vitamins
as they should. So, they’re probably at a little bit of risk for bone loss and for anemia.
But if they follow the rules and take their supplements, they should do just fine.>>Chuck: Does this kind of surgery take special
training to deal with the teenagers? And will this be something we might find at the children’s
hospital?>>Dr. Rogers: Yes, it will be offered through
the children’s hospital. We’re expecting our first patient to come through in 2013.>>Chuck: Wow. And — that’s remarkable. Talk
to me about — people say, maybe, can that be reversed later in life? Or is one-way only?>>Dr. Rogers: A gastric bypass is very difficult
to reverse. And there’s not usually a good reason to reverse it. It has been done. I’ve
never done it, and I don’t plan to ever do it. I think it’s a good reconstruction.>>Chuck: Well, that’s what you’re dealing
with. Is the word getting out? People hear about it. Is there more good information out
there for the people as opposed to maybe five years ago?>>Dr. Rogers: Oh, much more. There were several
studies that came out this year that talked about the effective gastric bypass on diabetes.
That got a lot of press. And it got a lot of people interested in the treatment of diabetes
surgically instead of medically.>>Chuck: Okay, do we have any other kind
of weight loss programs that does not involve surgery?>>Dr. Rogers: In fact, we have our own medical
weight management program for adults and for children. And they see our same dietitians.
Some of them eventually choose to have the surgery, but some just stay on and continue
with diet and exercise.>>Chuck: I’m always amazed — it’s not a
matter of just changing the body and the health. It’s the attitude. We talked about it with
Lisa in the lobby. That’s two different people. And you saw them at their heaviest. And you
said — and what’d you just tell me before the show?>>Dr. Rogers: I do not remember them like
that. The way they are now is the way they are, and that’s the only way I can visualize
them.>>Chuck: And I just hope Lisa has a class
reunion coming up.>>Dr. Rogers: [Laughs].>>Chuck: Wouldn’t you like to have a camera
just following her back in there now. Then again, it’s a life commitment. It’s not, the
surgery fixed everything, and good old Dr. Rogers fixed me up.>>Dr. Rogers: Nope.>>Chuck: It’s still continued diet, still
exercise, playing it out.>>Dr. Rogers: Lisa and Bob are doing all
the work [chuckles].>>Chuck: They are doing the work. And all
the Lisas and Bobs that go through it. Thank you again, Dr. Rogers, for joining us again
tonight.>>Dr. Rogers: Pleasure.>>Chuck: She’s been back with us a couple
of different years. We also want to thank you, the viewers, for sharing your stories
and the questions and for calling in. We’d like more information — if you’d like more
information, or you want to schedule an appointment with Penn State Hershey surgical weight loss,
all you do is call 717-531-7260, or you can visit online at
And speaking of the hospital, this Saturday, from 10:00 to 2:00, come on out to a special
dedication celebration of the new Penn State Hershey Children’s Hospital. There will be
live entertainment, tours of the new building, photos with the Nittany Lion, and a lot of
the Hershey characters will be there, too. A lot of fun. [Background Music] Much more
details at Thank you for watching tonight, and as always,
we wish you all good health. [ Music ]

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