Tips for Minimizing Osteoporosis Risks

[♪♪♪] Prevention of osteoporosis
is a very important topic as women approach menopause. However, if we start when women
are younger to talk about healthy bones, their peak bone mass
is going to be higher. And so we don’t want to miss
those opportunities. If we don’t start off with a good peak, then your risk of having osteoporosis is going to be higher later in life. So, really, younger women
should make sure that they’re getting
weight bearing exercise on a daily basis
and adequate calcium intake. Approaching menopause
with decreased estrogen levels, that’s when women
are really at a higher risk for developing osteoporosis. We know there are many risk factors. Some of them we can modify, some of them we can’t,
like family history, but smoking is a big risk factor. So we strongly encourage
all women not to ever smoke, or if they’re already smoking,
they need to stop. But certainly,
weight bearing exercise, 30 minutes, five days a week,
adequate calcium and Vitamin D are really important factors. And then you should always
talk to your physician, if you do have additional risk factors, to consider getting a bone density test
earlier than the standard recommended age, which would be at age 65. [♪♪♪]

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