Top 3 Diet Tips for Cognitive Enhancement with Jack of EpicBeasts

hey guys what’s going on Steve Cronin I
am here in Houston Texas visiting some friends I saw the position my doctor
recently you know my biohacking doctor the doctor I consult with to do my
biohacking practice and one thing I notice I mean visit you know it’s standard you go
to the doctor you get your you your weight checked and my weight is not
ideal for I want it to be you know on this channel I talk primarily about
nootropics and different biohacking devices but one thing that’s a really
important element of biohacking is your diet and your diet has a lot to do with
cognitive enhancement and I am thinking look I want to have my diet be in line
with my biohacking practice I one frankly I want to lose a little bit of
weight and so I am going to commit to a specific diet and track my progress on
this channel it won’t be a huge percentage of the videos I make probably
only one video every couple weeks giving you all an update and I don’t know what
I’m gonna do am I gonna do the bulletproof diet for our body if you do
as a particular diet this low carb and that kind of like realm or or slow carb
or keto something like that let me know in the comments below and maybe I’ll try
it out do some research if you have a diet practice that you that you work on
that could be involved with with with biohacking or or cognitive enhancements
until then I am actually with a Jack of epic beasts and he’s gonna tell you about
what he does for his diet Jack and I have been hanging out here in Houston of
course I moved to New York City about what eight nine months ago but I’m back
here visiting in Houston and so Jack’s gonna talk about the top three tips for
dieting and cognitive enhancement that’s coming up actually here I’ll wear the Jack of epic
beasts right that’s correct
he’s gonna give you the chat three tips for dieting top three look first thing
always water right hmm water is a huge thing people forget you get it stay
hydrated I talked about on my channel and you know what we were talking about
just a little bit just on the focus of hydrating your body constantly right the
other thing is sugar and if you then for the for the first tip how much water
should you drink of that I mean for your body I think it’s like two liters okay
so that should be the standard alright and actually Kelly Starrett talks a lot
about that too in both all of his books hmm yeah Jack actually got me ready to
run for a holiday recently yeah very good book so water is one the other
thing is sugar and you keep a close eye on you’re sure you keep it below…
23 grams okay but I think that that is a huge one a lot of us drink our sugar or
our calories okay and the other thing we’re not gonna miss is calorie counting
I know some people say I don’t want a calorie count well that’s why I eat a
paleo diet I don’t have to really worry about the calories but if you want to
lose weight what does that mean that means you have to count how much food is
going in your body and calorie counting is a huge thing
some people are anti vehemently against counting their calories right fuck those
people because you have to count your shit if you don’t know what’s going in
how do you know how do you know anything you’re not going to find anything right
so here’s here’s the big difference between you and I I am pretty much a
pretty scrawny guy almost no muscle I mean you’re big guy but you have you
have your muscle going so for someone like me who doesn’t know like what’s
going on with my weight we were talking about this earlier a little bit what’s
what’s this test I need to get to find out what my body that is a
and if I want to start building muscle I won’t lose weight or that’s kind of
compute like what what’s the deal with that okay so there’s this balancing you
know bodybuilders anybody doing weights regularly knows this but one huge asset
on quantifying data for your body it’s called a DEXA deXA and you can go to a
lot of different places just type it into Google and they’ll show a bunch of
places that do it it’s basically I believe it’s used for bone density and
you basically strip down naked and usually there’s a nice honey there that
I love stripping down anything that any place I can be knighted like here we
just got to Celsius 13 I was like can we strip naked and I said no so
unfortunately I’m not too happy about that but so you go to this place you
strip down basically naked you lay down and it’s basically a cat scan which is
not just pretty bright right it’s for the whole body
all right it scans your whole body very slowly and then it gives you a printout
and tells you exactly specifically what areas your fat is is sticking to right
maybe it’s your calves maybe it’s your thighs maybe you have you know cankles
right some of you probably have cankles some people have cankles I’m not a big
fan of cankles I think they’re gross but by knowing that then you can start to
address that issue aren’t you well thanks for the tips
appreciate it people can find you slash epic beasts I love
that pop up in the right-hand corner is one of these poor network that’s it for
now guys take care check out his channel and let me know it comes below if you
are going to do with diet or if you already do a diet that’s involved with
either like low sugar low carb or cognitive enhancement take care

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