VA helps Shelby live better with diabetes.

[MUSIC]>>TEXT: Shelby, Army
Veteran, VA, Health care>>SPEAKING: My name is Shelby. I
first accessed the VA — I’m thinking it was about January of
2010. One of the first things my counselor said was “You’re
approved for VA services, for medical services. Go over and
get a physical.” And it turned out that I was diabetic. I
weighed almost — I’ve got some before and after pictures — I
weighed almost 290 pounds at that time. A year and a half
later, through the medications I was on, the nutritional
counseling that I was put through, the correspondence care
that was involved with people following up with me and
everything, I dropped from 289 down to 238 pounds. Based on my
weight, the fact that I didn’t know I was diabetic, the fact
that I was even having to deal with it, they would come back
and say stuff like “OK, you know, your diet, from a
nutritional standpoint, you need to really cut this back.” And
after hearing all that, I’m sitting there kind of thinking
“Why? What is going to force me to do this?” Because obviously I
hadn’t been doing that up to now. How am I going — where am
I going to get the incentive to do it? And I remember just as I
was thinking those things, this nurse comes in and she taps me
on the shoulder and she says, “You know, right now you can
think of 1,001 reasons why you should not have to do all the
things that you’re talking about — that we’re talking about you
needing to do. But I saw your family out in the lobby out
there. Those are the two things that should give you all the
incentive you need to be able to do it.” It’s really painful for
me to try to imagine where we would be right now if it hadn’t
been for all the opportunities that the VA had presented to me.>>TEXT: Don’t miss out on
benefits you may have earned. Visit

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