Weight Lifting Makes Women Bulky? Women Health Series – Video 3

hello friends, welcome to fitness with kapil a lot of females have this question esp when they are about to start a new fitness regime on whether they should do weight training? When i visit a gym, majority of the females i spot prefer cardiotraining exercises like treadmill, aerobics etc so should they weight train? does it cause muscle bulking? does it lead to a bulky look, we will discuss this in this video First thing, females can do any amount of weight training it will lead to bulking Because for bulking, a hormone names Testosterone is required In females, this hormone is present in very less quantity and is present in large quantities in males That’s the reason men bulk up when they weight train but this is not the case in females When females weight train, their muscle quality improves better muscle results in stronger joints Better muscles lead to better metabolic rate which results in faster fat loss per hour Increaase in bone density increase in overall strength of the body improved sleep quality it stabilizes the hormonal fluctuations so you get a lot of benefits from strength training those who do only cardio like treadmill, zumba aerobics they are more prone to developing knee and joint problems after the age of 30-35yrs, level of estrogen starts to drop this leads to muscles getting weaker and this reason is given by weight lifting So without thinking about getting bulky, please go to a gym/studio and start weight training Atleast twice a week , there should be weight lifting in your schedule One day upper body, one day lower body my next video is on exercise in which i will tell you the exercises you can do if you opt for 2 days workout or 4 day or 5 day split

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