What Foam Rolling Density is Best for Me?

Okay, Hey there how you doing? Hi, this is Christina and Brian Hagan from Your HealthySteps. We teach foam rolling, and self-care skills. So you can be active pain-free and feel healthy. Absolutely, so you can do the things that you simply love to do. We’re not medical doctors and we’re not diagnosing or treating or prescribing. We’re sharing with you the things that we’ve learned in the past 14 years as sports and Neuromuscular Massage Therapists. We work with a wide range of people professional athletes, collegiate athletes, moms, dads, kids, and athletic adults and highly active adults. So today the question is. We’re continuing our question of foam rollers How do you pick a foam roller. Because there’s a ton of them out there isn’t there? So our last Facebook live we talked about the size and so now we’re talking about the density So Brian take it away take it away There’s a longer amount of foam rollers. It used to be the color was the way that you could choose. It was really basically white being less. Then went to black being more dense. That’s changed a lot. So really it’s the type of foam that you’re looking for. There are really 3 types of foam out there that make foam rollers. One is not going to be used at all, but we’ll mention it here. It’s called PE foam and it is very soft. It’s not very durable. You typically see it in a white foam roller. Sometimes you will see them in physical therapist office. They just don’t hold up very well at all. They just break apart and they’re not very hard or firm at all. So you can’t really get deep with them. So we’re just mentioning it here. They’re good for geriatrics, or if you have some bone density issues. Other than that they really are not worth the time or the money. That leaves two types of foam rollers. That is going to be the EVA and that’s EVA Again, that’s the type of foam. and EPP. So let’s start with EVA. Those are your less dense foam rollers. They can come in whole wide range of colors orange, blue, green. It’s really the firmness of it. You tend to find the EVA foam rollers in yoga studios some PT offices gyms. You’ll see them in the gymnasiums. The reason for that is because they’re not that they’re not really firm. So people don’t hurt themselves. But first you have to ask yourself the question. What is the purpose of foam rolling right? So if you’re going to get an EVA foam roller. Just realize that it’s more cushion. The actual foam was designed to absorb shocks. Its a great shock absorber. It’s great if you have it in your car and you have a car accident. it absorb shock. But not necessarily all that good for a foam roller. You find them out there pretty much everywhere. So what they did was they came up with something called a high density EVA foam roller. And the reason why they did that is because these are actually firmer and quite durable. They last for a very long time. They are a pretty good quality foam roller. So they made a high-density EVA foam roller which just makes it into the realm of firmness. But again, the question is, What is. What am I doing with this foam rollers. Want do you want to accomplish What we teach is to get all the layers of scar tissue and adhesions out of your muscles. Or as much as you can. So that you have as much of healthy fluid movement of your muscles Because that’s where you’re going to really have the best prevention from injury. You’re gonna have the more the best function of the muscle strength, endurance. So again, they are out there high density EVA foam rollers. There are good quality. they last a long time. They’re not going to get to the deepness. So That brings us to the EPP foam roller. and These are high densities very firm foam rollers. That’s what we have here. This is an EPP foam roller It’s really the only foam roller we’ve ever had in the 14 years we’ve been doing this. And its really the only one that we use in our trainings. That’s because we teach you how to go from very basic to intermediate to advance. We teach you how to work through the different layers of the muscle to get deeper and deeper and deeper. To get all the garbage out of there. So people hurt themselves with this thing because they get right on it and they go all out. They can bruise themselves and it’s quite painful. I’ve actually had clients throw these away. I had to talk with him, it was like no. You need this, and so they went back and bought another one. They have worked at it much more slowly. You need to know your in your pain zone. The goal is not to be in pain and hurt. This is what they did It felt good like they were doing something good so they went all out for it. So they really bruise themselves. So the key is. Like Christina is saying. What we teach is.- We teach you how to put your weight down on it and control that so you’re not going so deep Yeah, and then how to work your body in a way that gets deeper and deeper as we go along. Okay, so that is called This is a EPP high-density foam roller. We’re gonna give you a link for the foam roller that we purchased. Well, just put a link to our favorite self-care tools – with that with that foam roller. So if you do buy the EPP high density foam roller We highly recommend that you learn the techniques that take you from basic to intermediate to advanced. So that you can work your way through the layers without excruciating pain or hurting yourself. That’s why we developed the course because it just made sense. So what about because I’ve seen other foam rollers that have like bumps on them and ridges and what are your thoughts on that? Again, it’s a personal choice and I have some clients that have gone on to those things. But they are in the realm of triathlon or triathletes, ironman. Those kind of levels. but then I also have people that do the same type of activities. High intensity athletic sports and they use the smooth foam rollers Again, it’s about teaching how to move your body to be able to get deeper into the foam roller. So again! How deep can you go on a foam roller, even when it has bumps and ridges, if you don’t know how to work deeper with the foam roller. We’ve been doing this for 14 years and its the smooth black foam roller that we use. The EPP foam rolling. We have never used anything else. There are actually people out there that use PVC tubing with a really thin layer of padding. I just think that’s way too intense. But it works for them. The other type of foam roller I saw was it’s actually a vibrating foam roller. They’re highly expensive. And I don’t know how much those things get deep enough. It’s just it’s a it’s one other part that can break down. We’ve had foam rollers for. I had that one foam roller from 2006. So again more moving parts the more likely it’s going to break down. If you learn to do the techniques. A simple foam roller is going to do just fine. It’s a personal choice. The same thing with the trigger point bumps and the ridges and all that stuff. But for our what we’ve taught what we teach people has always been the smooth smooth EPP high density foam roller. Okay So a new person who is totally new at foam rolling and the person who is very athletic and has been foam rolling for a long time. You feel can benefit from that foam roller. Absolutely! Absolutely! Well, great. That’s what has kept me doing the work I’ve been doing for 14 years. Yes Okay, well hey! Make sure you grab our free report and I’ll put a link above for you and it’s really, “the four things no one has ever told you about foam rolling”, and then we give you some tips to really totally improve your foam rolling. So your time foam rolling is going to be worthwhile. Yeah, right and then make sure you follow us on Facebook. So you get notifications when we go live absolutely know. Okay. Thanks so much. Thank you Have a great day and keep on foam rolling. Okay

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