What is the Best Calcium Supplement for KIDS

Hello! I’m Zane from Atlantis Skincare.
If you are wondering what’s the best supplement for your kids or best calcium source for your kids –
this is video for you we are proud to announce ourselves as
official distributors of Osteonorm for kids what is Osteonorm? Osteonorm is calcium citrate made from eggshells and with raspberry, added raspberry juice and dried raspberries Its of course contents calcium. It also
contains vitamin D, for better calcium absorption. It contains magnesium which is again for better calcium absorption it also contains vitamin K, which is
also very beneficial if you’re wondering about calcium absorption it’s quite difficult to feed your
children with all the veggies necessary for vitamin K. Which is all the green
vegetables, salad, spinach so basically all that greens. From my
experience is that these are the most difficult vegetables to feed to your children. And
also this Osteonorm contains Vitamin B1 B6, and a little bit of potassium as well. So this is perfect vitamin four children. My son, he
is 10 years old, he easily chews tablets. Because of added raspberry juice
and raspberries It tastes quite good, so children
taking it without problem. And you can take one tablet a day with meals,
but also it’s not going to be a big problem if you take Ostonorm between
meals. As well Also Osteonorm is very wonderful, very
rare calcium sources, because your kids can take it starting from one year’s
age. So, amazing for your toddler’s as a supplement as well. This is very
natural product for kids because it’s no any chemicals added to this product,
except magnesium stearate, which is source of magnesium as well. But also this is caking agent for tablets to keep it
together so basically, very natural, very
friendly calcium and other vitamin source for your kids. So I highly recommend this
product and I hope that you can learn something from this video. Thanks
for watching, and bye!

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