What is the National Diabetes Prevention Program?

(music) Announcer: Welcome to Your Health with Joan Lunden, presented by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Joan Lunden: Hi I’m Joan Lunden. Believe it or not, more than one in three people in the U.S. have pre-diabetes. Even scarier, a whopping 90% of them don’t even know it. Thankfully the CDC has created the National Diabetes Prevention Program which can help people with pre-diabetes significantly lower their risk of it ever progressing on to Type 2 Diabetes. I am joined today by Dr. Ann Albright, Director of the CDC’s division of Diabetes Translation and by Michael Jones who has gone through the program. It’s nice to have you both here. Michael Jones: Nice to be here. Ann Albright: Thanks. Joan Lunden: Why did you decide to get involved in the program? Michael Jones: Well basically it was a wake up call. I was notified through the program from my doctor’s office, from my blood work, and I was made aware that I was a pre-diabetic and it occurred to me that this is something I should take seriously. Joan Lunden: Did that surprise you? Did you just think everything was going on, everything was fine in your life? – Yeah every day life, you know, just living and you know I’m a retired police officer so for the past four and a half years, I’ve just been traveling, just taking life easy. You know, not watching my diet or my health. Joan Lunden: And it caught up with you. So how did the program work for you? Michael Jones: Basically it helped me change my eating habits and you know I know how to eat now and what to eat, what to drink, and pretty much stay more active which is key in it. Joan Lunden: Yeah, but sometimes that takes a little extra help. What are all the services that the program provides? Ann Albright: Certainly the National Diabetes Prevention Program connects you with a coach who can help you really work your way through, find solutions, so that you can make this program real for you. It helps you discover healthy eating tips and increasing your physical activity. Really importantly helps you learn how to manage stress and stay motivated in the program. Joan Lunden: Alright well it worked for you and it can work for a lot of other people out there. Thank you so much for sharing your story. And just remember, consult with your doctor about getting your blood sugar tested to find out if you have pre-diabetes. And for more information about the National Diabetes Prevention Program, you can log on to cdc.gov/diabetesTV. I’m Joan Lunden. Announcer: Sponsored by NACDD, with support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Visit cdc.gov/diabetesTV.

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