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[Dr. Sonali Birewar] Most of the patients early on are asymptomatic, and part of it is your body tries to compensate as much as it can. Some of the subtle complications of kidney disease can be noted by a physician or kidney specialist. Those are the blood test and the urine test. You can see the blood pressure going high. We can find out how much the kidney function is with the blood test we do. People will also have a problem with their potassium, phosphorus, you can build up more and more acid. We can do tests which show us as the kidney disease advances, the bones become more and more brittle. You need to take care of that as well. [Patient] I did not feel any different. I felt fine — I did not know. As you go along, you learn more about it. A couple of years ago, Dr. Birewar sent me to a nutritionist for kidneys. That really helped me because she told me what foods I could eat. [Dr. Sonali Birewar] There are kidney diseases that can be treated. If it is because of hypertension or diabetes, the main thing will be to control those two problems. There are kidney disease which can be stopped. Those are not very common. It is happened because of obstruction, you can relieve the obstruction. If it is because of medications, you can relieve that. For blood pressure and diabetes — if you control those you can slow the progression. It may not reverse, but it does decrease the progression. With medication, we can decrease the protein in the urine. Further down we can avoid having more and more damage to the kidney. [Patient] I am dieting. I am eating properly and things like that. I just saw a list in the room while I was waiting on you that talked about foods you should avoid. Of course, you cannot hardly eat anything. But that is the life we live. The nutritionist helped me by telling me “You cannot eat this amount.” You can have a quarter chicken, for instance, she said, you you cannot have a quarter chicken all at one time. You can eat half, wait a couple of hours and eat the other half. I have to stay away from different foods. Anything that has salt, flour, sugar — you stay away from. Things that are high grease type of things. I am finding out how much [the kidneys] affect. And how treating one thing can hurt the kidneys. [Dr. Sonali Birewar] It is important to know what your kidney disease is from, what is you kidney function It is also important to know what you can do to avoid it, treat it, avoid the complications of it, and prepare for dialysis. [Patient] Dr. Birewar has been great. She has been trying to keep me out of dialysis. I do not want dialysis. I do not want to be on dialysis. It is not that I don’t want dialysis. I do not want to need dialysis. [Dr. Sonali Birewar] I think there is a social fear about dialysis, and I do not blame the patients for that. It is difficult because it is a big step. Your quality of life is going to deteriorate with dialysis. But it is very important for you to know what dialysis means. We send some patients, who have been treated as their kidney function decreases, to different classes. It is called the dialysis option class. We ask them to go an find out what is going to be happening when they are on dialysis. They learn what they are expected to do, that there are different modalities of dialysis. I tell my patients, “Hey you need a mental and a physical preparation for dialysis. [www.adclinic.com]

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  1. I am 31 year old and I want your guidance to diagnose my problem.
    My blood test report of Kidney function test and Liver function test and Hemogram test says that :
    Urea: 15 mg/dL  Ref. Range : 17.00 – 43.00
    A : G Ratio : 2.09  Ref. Range : 0.90 – 2.00
    Phosphorus : 4.70 mg/dL   Ref. Range : 2.40 – 4.40
    PCV : 50.20%   Ref. Range: 40.00 – 50.00
    MCV : 100.40 fL   Ref Range: 80.00 – 100.00
    MCHC : 30.60 g/dL   Ref Range : 32.00 – 35.00
    RDW : 16.10%   Ref Range : 11.50 – 14.50
    DLC Lymphocytes : 42.40%  Ref Range : 20.00 – 40.00
    DLC Monocytes : 11.80%  Ref Range : 2.00 – 10.00

    These are abnormal and all other blood test are normal.
    In ultrasound report says my both kidneys have Calculus of around 5 mm

    I am feeling that my body have very low energy level.
    My body's temperature is increasing and my skin remain very warm all time. 
    My concentration is very poor.
    I have problem in urinating since long time. My urine stream pressure is very poor. I have to apply pressure to urinate and feel burning sensation. 
    someone told me that your one kidney is not functioning properly. 

    I want your guidance that how to diagnose my problem? 
    What type of test can diagnose my problem?
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