Whistleblower – Is There Medical Establishment/ Big Pharma Conspiracy About Diabetes Treatment?

(upbeat music) – I’m Anthony Smithson here live tonight on Diabetes Everyday YouTube channel, where I have agreed to
interview a Mr. John Smith, who claims that the medical establishment and big pharma have conspired
to keep critical information about managing diabetes
away from the public. Mr. Smith describes
himself as a whistleblower, so let’s see what he has to say. So, what’s your connection
to the medical establishment or any of the diabetes related
pharmaceutical companies? – I’m not really connected,
but I’ve done a lot of high-level internet research
to figure this all out, and I talked to some people too. – Okay, we agreed to block
your face and alter your voice for this interview, but why
not just appear as yourself? – I’m in fear for my life. – From the American Medical Association? – You said it, not me. – Okay, tell your story. Tell us about this big conspiracy. – So, what I found first was
evidence of this secret study. I found stuff starting in 1996, but who knows how long it’s been going on. I found the government captured thousands, or maybe hundreds of thousands of people who they thought might
develop type 2 diabetes. And they kept them locked away in secret hospitals performing experiments on them and found out
how to prevent diabetes. They found the secret! This was a top secret and code named, Diabetes
Prevention Program. But they never told anybody the secret, and nobody has ever heard from the people they were
experimenting on again. And it could still be going on. – [Anthony] All right, hold on, hold on. – There’s more! The big pharma companies
making diabetes medications. They know the secret. They know how it could help people, make their medicine work better, help slow down the disease,
keep them healthier, but they don’t tell anyone. Nobody knows, nobody knows,
except the government, doctors, the big drug companies, and now, me. – Okay, I give, what
exactly is the big secret? – Okay, it’s a life-style thing. It’s working with a secret
diabetes educating people to change the way you eat
and to get more exercise. You don’t hear about this
anywhere, not from your doctor, not from the diabetes
association or anybody. If they would let this information out, we could learn to eat healthier, and we could learn how
to get more exercise. It’s so simple, but no dice. We’re in the dark, bingo, that’s it! If people only knew– (banging) What was that? – [Woman] I’m home! – Wait, where ya going? Wait! Oh, you gotta see this. So, what’d ya think? – Okay, so sometimes
I’m a little frustrated that people don’t always
come away from their doctors really understanding just
how immensely important life style factors like diet and exercise are to diabetes management. But, it’s surely not any kind of secret. The Diabetes Prevention Program
wasn’t code name or secret. It’s still going, and
it’s very well-known. And every diabetes medication I know of always has words like these
under the “indications and usage” of the patient
information packet. Metformin tablets are
indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to
improve glycemic control in adults and children
with type 2 diabetes. ONGLYZA is indicated as an
adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. Starlix is a glinide
indicated as an adjunct to diet and exercise to
improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. And, no secrets there. There’s surely nothing secret
about diabetes educators. We’re now called, Diabetes
Care and Education Specialists, and we are everywhere. You can find us at DiabetesEducators.org. And the American Diabetes
Association has one whole section on their website
under a nutrition tab, and another under fitness. And I’ve been preaching
life style forever. All and all, Mr. Whistleblower, John Smith, was completely wrong. He was right about all those thousands of missing patients in the
Diabetes Prevention Program, however nobody’s ever seen them again. – You’re kidding. – Of course I’m kidding! (laughing) – You think anybody will watch this far? – Let’s find out. (laughing)

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