Why do we Shrink With Age? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time. Why do we Shrink With Age? Coz we want to become ant-man. Nooo. There are various reasons behind this. Firstly, our spine consists of fluid-filled
discs. Placed in between bones called vertebrae. But as the years pass by, these discs begin
to lose fluid and degrade. Causing them to flatten. As a result, the distance between the vertebrae
decreases. Thus decreasing our height and making us shorter. Secondly, as we age, many of us suffer from
osteoporosis. This makes our bones so weak that they develop
microfractures. Now, as most of these fractures happen in
the front of our vertebrae. It causes forward rounding of our back, a
condition called kyphosis. This gives us a stooped posture, thus making
us look shorter. Lastly, as aging causes loss of muscle mass,
especially in the abdomen. It can make us slouch. Hence, this can also lead to a stooped posture. Thus giving us an appearance of being shorter.

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  2. Why you just did that video ago that why we cannot remember when we get oldder you did it you don’t need it to do it again it was few days ago

  3. Wiggle
    Did you really think I was going to do that? I'm too lazy to do all of that crap.

  4. Simply because old people are rotting away. My maternal grandma is losing height and someday I will be taller than her. I am already taller than my paternal grandma because she also loses height.

  5. Aum sum are you a doctor or scientist?
    How do you know every thing
    One like for aum sum

  6. Can you do video on sale rate things because I always see the same thing in all videos like I at least see about same smoking thing in one in 5 videos

  7. You know how school is apparently supposed to make you smarter and know stuff

    This channel makes me learn new stuff not school

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