Why is 3D Imaging Best for Dental Implants? | 954-252-1390 Cooper City Dentist | Beaufils Dental

Why is 3D imaging best for dental
implants? A dental implant is a synthetic structure that takes the place of a
missing tooth. They’re made to mimic the look and feel of a natural tooth. To properly
insert a dental implant, surgery is required. Factors such as proper bone density and
a strong immune system determine if you’re qualified to undergo
this procedure. Beaufils Dental recruits the use of 3d dental imaging to
evaluate and treat our patients for dental implants. Best of all we’re
one of the few offices in South Florida who utilizes 3D imaging technology to
increase the quality of our treatment. So how does viewing your mouth in 3d
improve your dental implant experienced? By utilizing 3D dental imaging we can
obtain important information that’s necessary to perform dental implant
surgery including bone length, bone width, bone quality, bone angle and anatomy
location. The use of 3D technology also produces high-quality images and
measurements of your mouth which helps eliminate the possibility of surgery,
decrease the duration of your procedure and recovery time in half. All factors that are not attainable
using standard 2D equipment. By optimizing the way we assess our
patients for procedures such as dental implants, Beaufils Dental can guarantee
you’ll obtain the bright and healthy smile you deserve. If you are in the Cooper
City area and wanna learn more about our 3D dental imaging and dental implant
services, call us today to schedule an appointment.

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