Woodland Critters Attack in South Park The Fractured But Whole – Episode 45

Oh it’s those du– What the hell, Randy? Get off your drunk butt. What the hell? Yea, what’s up with that? But how did he do that before he was mayor? [laughs] It’s so stupid. It’s literally just his voice. You guys keep blaming me, I’m not gonna help. I thought it was someone time
traveling from the future. There’s always a time shift
anomaly when I’m around. With a new fart power. This is a big group, guys. Um, where’s the taco place? Taco? Oh good god, kinda far. Alright. Alright, alright, alright, alright. I’m here. What’s up? We’re taking up the whole like restaurant space here. Yes, I have to fart us back in time. This is the game telling you, make
sure you do everything before you go with this next part. Oh, did we already take a picture? Hmm. I kinda assumed we didn’t but ok. Well I mean I feel like I’m ready to go, I guess. Or is this like my last chance
to take pictures with all of you? I can’t remember who I’ve taken
it with and who haven’t so I’m pretty sure I took a picture
with everyone already. Wait, hold up. Hold up, I saw something shiny. Oh, I got a mustache. Huh, weird. Ok, now I’m ready. Yes, all of that. You guys might wanna leave the restaurant.
The fart’s gonna be pretty bad. Believe in my farts. Leap through time. Literally when would this ever come in use except at this moment? Indeed. It probably was so well that they pooped their pants. What do you mean? I’m believing
so hard, Morgan Freeman. [laughs] You didn’t believe enough. Oh god, what just happened?
I farted us forward in time, didn’t I? I farted myself to death. Why didn’t you believe? It’s like even… It’s a, it’s a… It’s like even a week further in time now. Oh geez. We totally farted forward, didn’t we? New kid, you didn’t believe enough! Why couldn’t you believe in your farts? What do you mean? He already was. I guess time to fart again? [gasps] You lost your fart power. Oh. That’s why this game is called the Fractured But Whole. Oh no. Oh really? And at a time where my farts don’t work. Maybe it has been Christmas for a year. Ugh. There’s a candy cane in his drink. Oh geez. Who? Is it the aliens again? I– Oh god, what the hell? What in the holy hell? Woodland critters. Murderous critters. Oh geez. Horrifying. Absolutely horrifying. I know. I don’t want it. Oh wow. Hey Henrietta, I think they also worship satan. [laughs] Yea, you’re the right character for this battle. Oh, they have a lot of fricking health. Is this battle even worth fighting? It’s like fighting a gazillion bosses. You mean my best friend, Jesus Christ? Pray to Jesus. I barely believe in myself. How can I believe in someone else? Pray. What? H-how? What? The praying is the farting basically. I’m praying, I’m begging! I’m putting so much faith. Is Christ another summon? Is it Jesus Christ? ‘Cause if it isn’t, we’re screwed either way. Holy crap. Is it you? Oh, it’s Santa. Well, close enough? Oh great, now we gotta fight Santa too. Are you for real? Kill them, Santa! Kill ‘em, Santa. Yea you do that, Santa. I’m just gonna take a little uh,
you know rest, in the background. I don’t know, leave? Ugh, what? They are so messed up. What?! Kill them, Santa. Oh I control you, Santa? Well I was not expecting that. You have a lot of health, Santa.
Knockback and damage the naughty. But you only have two moves, Santa. Critters hate gingerbread. What does that mean? What does that do? It doesn’t say anything. Oh well. Yea, pretty much. Get ‘em, Santa! Critter. I’mma beat– Oh. I did not know we were pincered. Also there’s
fighting in the background. What the heck? What the heck? This is insane. Should I? Hmm. Yea. Might as well, I suppose.
Oh god, everything’s on fire. Hellfire truly on this goddamn earth. My farts are also kinda broken right now. Eww, they’re so terrible. Abominations. What are you doing? Oh no. NOO! Goddammit. Gotta kill the healers. There’s no healers on this side, right? Hopefully. Maybe? I don’t know. Kite phobia. Yea, satan is on YOUR side. Um, I don’t know. Does Santa need that?
I feel like Santa don’t need that. But I can’t… Aww Santa, your reindeers are in the way. It’s Craig time. Feel like they’re kinda already on fire. In a way. Punch them outta this battlefield. Maybe I should try the other move.
I don’t know what the other move does. Stop it. The only one allowed to
praise satan is Henrietta. What? Oh no. Only when I’m using it. Oh geez. One hit kill, man. This is truly balls. Can we have another Santa? It’s clearly not enough. Argh, goddamn this healer. I gotta get rid of that. I gotta get rid of whatever that is. A chipmunk? Who even knows. Lasering. Aw, not close enough. I guess I’ll just keep… Keep it on this side. Lasering time. Truly evil, man. It’s like fighting five bosses. Yea, you should be more careful
and leave this battlefield. Barely. Yea Craig, but you’re standing… Well, it’s mostly just your attack
range. It’s very limited. But you’re so powerful. Hahaha, here you get lit on fire. What should I do? Should I revive with you? Feel like we’re kinda… I don’t know. I’m gonna revive you. Revive. Where is my max revives? Yes we are. Um. Think I should heal Santa. Have some satan power. I will. Yea I can just do this, I guess. Uhh, yea. What the hell’s wrong with this deer, man? Stop one hit killing. What’s the point of my max revive
if you’re just gonna keep doing that? Just the worst. I gotta… I gotta start killing these other ones. We finished on the other side,
now we gotta work on this side. Beavery? That’s a beaver? No wonder they’re so evil. Uh, this is for healing. Actually, you know what? Uhh, might just do a normal revive ‘cause if you get hit again, then it’s kind of no point. I know, Human Kite. You’re
the only one that can fly, ok. Poseurs. I’m running. [laughs] Uhh, I mean hopefully you
can’t get me from here. Or maybe I should’ve did a protect?
I don’t know. Whatever. Kill it, Craig. Kill it dead! Alright, let’s try this maybe. I don’t know what it does. Uh, put it on you. Oh, I can’t. What does this mean? Am I supposed to put it on an ally? Hmm. Oh wait, no. This is a thing you place. Oh, it just like shoots out stuff? Weird. Yea I don’t think I got this, it’s too far. Although I could buff you. Get buffed, Santa. Oh no. Stop it, I swear to god. Stop killing her. Do not have time for that bullcrap. Immune. Immune to what, fire? I don’t understand. What
is the gingerbread doing? Is it supposed to attack or something? It’s like not doing anything. Lasers and burning! Oh god, did you just burn to death? Son of a! Son of a. I can’t heal all of us anymore. ‘Cause I don’t have anymore whatchamacallits. Yea, your turn. You’re probably just gonna
heal ‘cause you’re too far to do anything. So, let’s get some of uh… Well, you don’t have any status effects. So that’s kind of pointless. And I can’t heal anyone else
‘cause they’re too far. I think. I guess you might as well just heal yourself. Can’t do much else. Well, the gingerbread didn’t do crap. I don’t know what that’s all about. I can’t walk past any of you guys. What the hell? Can you heal this thing? That’d be weird. Oh my god! Why– Why do you keep killing her?! This evil deer. Ah crap, we’re all standing in a row. I mean there’s literally no room to
walk here, I have no choice. Goddammit man. These evil vicious animals are just the worst. I gotta kill the healer. I mean the burning might kill
it eventually but good lord. Good lord. I’m gonna heal… you. Um. Is there a weaker one that
will still heal that much? Probably not. I mean that one but it’s like I feel like I should just heal you full. Uhh. I don’t know. Yea yea yea, we know Craig.
You’re always saving lives. You have to save two more
‘cause there’s two dead. Yea, I don’t know what the hell
that gingerbread did like at all. I’m gonna kill the stupid healer. Stop healing your evil
deer that keeps killing all my peeps. Alright, what are the chances
that I can just kill them? [laughs] Probably very low. I’m gonna kill that one. Gotta get at least… At least get rid of one. I mean, you know, it’s all of us against one. They can’t kill us that fast, right? Just burn to death already. A lot of people. I’m gonna do a little weak heal like this one. And just give it to you, I suppose. Ultimate. Ooh, can you ultimate? Ugh, it’s not enough. Goddammit, I’m gonna do a quick heal. You might die the next turn but we’ll see when that turn comes. Uh well, too bad ok. We all prefer being dead at this point. Wait, what can you do?
Oh, you can heal. So, hmm. Eh, it’s not enough but I guess that’s fine. Die, deer. Heh, season’s beatings. I will. Maybe this will kill it. Well. Almost. You should be afraid. Goddammit, we gotta–
Oh, no, you’re not gonna uh. I don’t think I can punch you
‘cause Santa’s in the way. Ha, suck it, evil deer. You’re not up anymore. The battle’s over.

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